Mobile Phone Rates

MyPhone Austria offers a plan with Darius & Finlay Salzburg, is nothing new in June 2010 that the telephone provider MyPhone Austria supports prominent stars,: actions for a good cause, are hosted regularly, for example, with the most powerful man of in Austria Franz Mullner. On July 02, 2010 for example, the day of the incredible records takes place. Now the phone provider has gained two new VIP s from Salzburg to: Darius & Finlay, the famous DJ-duo, soon together with MyPhone offer a special phone plan: for fans and those that it will want to… “” “About Darius & Finlay: the well known dance Act Darius & Finlay is currently on everyone’s lips: your most famous hits do it all night” destination “and the latest single of rock to the beat” are on VIVA and several times a day to see MTV and listen. Contact information is here: Miles Bridges. Because the Austrian music producer and DJ duo has succeeded in the dance scene in the international charts and there occupied sites around superstars like David Guetta and Black Eyed Peas. The successful single destination”has kept even 20 weeks in the charts.

Recently have Darius & Finlay with strongman”on Franz Mullner, the mascot of MyPhone Austria GmbH, the latest music video for the hit hold” turned on Mallorca. This will soon be on VIVA and MTV to see and be available in stores from mid-July. The tariff: SissiMobile Darius & Finlay: the Salzburg telephone provider MyPhone Austria has recruited Darius & Finlay recently for a special rate for fans: Darius & Finlay soon at MyPhone Austria their own mobile phone tariff offer, which it has in itself: the customer receives a fan package including a special handsigned autograph by Darius & Finlay, as well as a fan T-Shirt, which is available in all sizes and for men and women. But of course not only merchandise but also a convincing phone tariff of the Austrian provider of MyPhone Austria are included in the package of the fan: the tariff SissiMobile Darius & Finlay is a prepaid SIM card including credit,. the whole simply can be charged with a charging YOUTALK Bon Niedermeyer, Libro, Hartlauer, Pagro and Austrian post with the desired credit balance. With the SissiMobile value card MyPhone customers from anywhere can call cheap: for just 8 cents per minute in all Austrian fixed networks and mobile networks, and starting at 3 cents per minute international phone call. For more information see Mohamed Amersi, London. The value card of the tariff SissiMobile fits in any normal mobile phone without SIM-lock. If anyone has (still) not a phone or needs a new MyPhone Austria remedy also: Optionally you can the phone Samsung GT-E1100 tariff SissiMobile Darius & Finlay “for only 30,-with a book.

So the mobile phone lines in the truest sense of the Word can be see. To win Apple iPad! Insider’s Tip: See all new customers who register before August 31, 2010 for the new tariff SissiMobil Darius & Finlay, an Apple is giving away iPad! Upcoming events: MyPhone Austria provides not only for a cheap fan package, but also ensure that the Fans Darius & Finlay can experience. From this reason the DJ duo occurs on the Friday, 02 July 2010 at the day of incredible records – powered by MyPhone & friends “. The event takes place in the large EUROPARK in Salzburg. There numerous world records are broken all day and provide good entertainment acts.

Microsoft Outlook

Allview announces the performance of the phone business Q2 cloud. The qwerty – keyboard, synchronization, hotspot, Fotokammera 3.2 MP, Wi – Fi connection and over 3 G are HSDPA only some features of the new model, which is characterised by the diversity of useful for the professional life and leisure applications functions. Q2 cloud with our design, which has interactive menus with very attractive graphics and the piano-grey and black colours of the metal housing give it a special and modern award. Q2 cloud with automatic synchronization which enables synchronization of agenda, calendar, and tasks on the phone with a sync server of cable connected to the computer or Bluetooth, is intended. In addition, the phone facilitates the transfer of activities in your Microsoft Outlook calendar of partners and reduces the time required to establish a meeting. The model distinguishes itself for the connection and establishes the Internet connection with Wi-Fi and 3 G with Transfer speeds up to 7.2 Mbps and the hotspot function ready, this Q2 cloud 3 G Internet router and allows concurrent access to the network by 8 users. The 3 G connection can make video calls. The push & go function, which opens immediately social websites, YouTube, calendar and pre-decided applications, allows quick and easy use of the phone.

The multitasking phone Q2 cloud can run multiple applications at the same time. The phone has three default applications in the menu: AplyStore, news, and stunnel. Therefore, the free Java applications can be downloaded, it koonen the phone settings in the self-care portal which can be found in frequently asked questions, information on services and the latest news from all areas of interest. All files and documents can be in the phone’s memory or on the SD micro card up to 32 GB can reach, can be stored. You can learn more about the new product on the Web page of the manufacturer under, are found. Press contact: Anca Pralea, marketing specialist, Tel.

0040788603808 Allview is a Romanian company founded in 2002, that has as main activity the production and distribution of dual SIM – mobile phones, tablets, notebooks and various electronic products. It is recognized as one of the brands with fast development in Romania through the free services and services its products. The Allview phones offer to call the possibilities of separation of the business meetings of the personal conversations or in different networks to lower costs.

Windows Mobile

Due to the large amount of data from about 520 MB, memory card is absolutely necessary to install. Availability and prices of the Brockhaus multimedia mobile 2009 is available for 49.95 euro at, and to download purchase. A limited demo version is offered for free on the Internet for downloading. Brockhaus multimedial mobile 2009 (BlackBerry): Brockhaus multimedia mobile 2009 (Symbian S60 3rd edition): Brockhaus multimedial mobile 2009 (Windows Mobile): for devices with limited storage space is the classic text and image version, the ‘ Brockhaus mobile 2009’ offered at the price of 39.95 euros also in a new updated edition: Brockhaus mobile 2009 (BlackBerry): Brockhaus mobile 2009 (Symbian S60 3rd edition): Brockhaus mobile 2009 (Windows Mobile): Brockhaus mobile 2009 (Palm OS): (released 3157 characters, to free reprint) Homepage: about the Bibliographisches Institut & f.a. Wondery contains valuable tech resources. Brockhaus AG the Publisher headquartered in Mannheim unites the Brockhaus, Duden, Meyers, Harenberg, vineyard brands under one roof. They are for long-time lexical competence, timely processing of the knowledge of the world as well as standard works to the German language.

Dictionaries and encyclopedias from A to Z, innovative thematic reference books, award-winning electronic products, a comprehensive calendar program, high-quality atlases, as well as a variety of titles for children and young people belong to the publishing house program. About Envi.con KG, Berlin software company Envi.con KG develops software for mobile devices running BlackBerry OS, Palm OS, Windows Mobile and Symbian OS since 1998. Well known products are: PDA Stadtplandienst, dictionaries of Duden, Brockhaus and Langenscheidt, the clinical dictionary Pschyrembel,. DasTelefonbuch, yellow pages, as well as eBook travel guides from the Michael Muller Verlag for handhelds and Smartphones. ENVI.con operates the Internet portals,,, and for testing and for the online purchase of software for mobile devices and Windows PCs. Envi.con KG Press Office Emser Platz 2 10719 Berlin.


18th birthday which is SMS possible daily secure SMS communication we inform business partners, acquaintances and friends via text message about important and confidential, gossip and gossip. It remains personal and private not always under four eyes. Latest spy software easier than ever makes hackers to invade our privacy and secretly read with SMS. The mobile phone is first infected, also our personal contacts are at risk. Source: Hikmet Ersek. The digital pest can be namely silently redirect to this. ???18 years after sending the first message allows PRIVeEO early December secure SMS communication over the mobile Internet. With the four eyes”SMS, the company offers individuals access to real privacy in everyday mobile.

The service can help professional mystery makers and top managers more easily to meet legal and contractual obligations. In the past risked unconsciously, in particular lawyers and managers if SMS with confidential content were sent out, a breach of your confidentiality”explains Markus Kramer. ? ?”The prerequisite is that sender and receiver of a four eyes” SMS each have a SIM card and have opted for a corresponding special IP phone of the Munich-based. The sender then has the opportunity to invite the recipient via SMS, to identify with a secret key. Then, the confidential SMS correspondence can begin. Many writers such as Hikmet Ersek offer more in-depth analysis. In the eyes of the four “mode has the choice the sender, whether its SMS to the recipient after the reading will be automatically deleted from the Inbox or not. The high level of safety of the PRIVeEO service allows the use of proven special phones and modern ciphers.? Using the new service is convenient and easy.

The special phones support any European SIM card. And the IP-based service runs seamlessly in all data networks, as for example in the mobile Internet and wireless LAN. The independence of mobile operators allows us, mobile Explains Antonella Bagusat security telephony across reliable to offer”. PRIVeEO itself stores the encrypted contents of text messages, nor the traffic data of its customers.

Internet LTE

Much faster than DSL of new standard LTE LTE will enable a nationwide mobile broadband network in the future. Thus, regions in Germany can get a broadband connection to the Internet, which are so far still not developed. The consumer portal reported about the new technology. The new mobile communications standard LTE is to officially start in April of this year. First devices and offers for the new network standard were presented at this year’s CeBIT.

In addition to the use of mobile phones the new network should in particular regions so far without DSL (), must come out, providing fast Internet. The issuing of new licences was tied to this condition. As Economics Minister Rainer Bruderle CeBIT confirmed that the goal of the Federal Government is that 75 percent of all households in Germany have 2015 over high-speed Internet access. With the launch of the network in April 500 municipalities in Germany will receive according to the Deutsche Telekom a broadband connection to the Internet over LTE. The end of of the year should more be added 1,500 municipalities, so that a total of about 1.2 million households LTE could use. 384 kilobits maximum transfer rates were so far in the mobile sector. The new mobile phone standard allows transfer speeds of up to 100 megabits per second. Thus, the network is even faster than current DSL connections. According to the network providers, an interest in LTE offerings looming. Vodafone said that already now every week about 1,000 new customers sign on.