Caspian Sea

With membranes and respiratory tract, eyelid edema, conjunctival, photophobia, from 2-3rd day prodromal period of the mucous membranes of the cheeks detected spots Belsky – Filatov – Koplik, and on the 4th day of a certain sequence – starting with the face, neck, and then spreads to the trunk and limbs, appears rozeoleznaya-papular, sometimes merging rash consisting of elements that reach 6-8 mm in diameter. Blood picture at Measles is characterized by leukopenia, lymphopenia relative. Chittangog is often mentioned in discussions such as these. In the differential diagnosis of fever with the water (anicteric leptospirosis), consider first of all seasonal outbreaks of the last (Summer-autumn). In patients with fever Water temperature rise lasts up to 7 days, remitting nature of the temperature, may be short-term relapse, the 5-6th day comes soon passing polymorphic rash. Especially characteristic of severe pain in the calf muscles, back muscles and shoulder girdle. See FedEx for more details and insights. All this is different from typhus. Perhaps check out UPS for more information. Staphylococcal sepsis is differentiated from alternating bouts of typhus, which preceded by chills, sweats, hectic fever.

The presence of the entrance gate, a significant leukocytosis, high ESR, finally, the positive results of blood cultures in sugar broth with the release of staph confirm diagnosis of sepsis. Typhus should be differentiated from hemorrhagic fevers, especially in areas endemic for the latter. In the differential diagnosis helps to compare the available patient but usually this disease in our country is extremely rare and mostly – in the port cities of the warm zone (on the Caucasian coast of the Caspian Sea), which is associated with epizootic outbreaks of the disease in mice and rats, people infected by the bite of fleas and ticks. The disease often takes a rather mild course, the rash is rozeoleznaya-papular in nature and is more on the face, palms, soles. In the blood was leukopenia and lymphocytosis. possible recurrence in 5-7 days. Typhus also differentiated from the five-day and (Volyn) fever, accompanied by sharp muscular pains.

The Problem Of Incoherence Of Thought

Dissociation of thinking is characterized by the collapse of the logical structure of speech while maintaining the ability be grammatically correct phrases and sentences. Excellent literary example of incoherence of thought is inane dialogue and the defendant of the plaintiff in his book "Gargantua and Pantagryuel" Francois Rabelais. Clinical example of incoherence is the following passage schizophrenic speech: "Voice – is a mutual concept of paths in water. Voices, we compare the binding of his hands as with his hands Clerk hands. It is necessary to protect his right hand, as there are writers plex devices that all can hear and speak. No heating vote will be closed, it will star, which will close a tank helmet, as you have in the attack. This was to be proved at the garbage pit Chuvashova razors Estonia on the table. She was on the ceiling and went for a walk as if for pansies.

Reason and phenomenon of electrical traces drawn on the subject of our country is going to work hand in air valve cylinder without understanding … ". This observation against the background of dissociation are identified as speech iteration verbigeration form ("… arms with hands Clerk hands …"). Dissociation of thinking can be shown monologue, when the patient is alone with himself or in the presence of someone else says without interruption for long and pointless. At the same does not apply attention to the reaction of the interlocutor, in fact, if he understood what was said, listening to if at all.


Each person has a unique ability in its own way to perceive and interpret the world. In the language of philosophy surrounding mental experience is a phenomenon, a study of how a person experiences reality – Phenomenology. Proponents believe that a person's behavior determines his or her personal perceptions of reality at any given moment. Person – not an arena for solutions intrapsychic conflicts, and behavioral clay from which learning disability due to personality is molded and, as Sartre said, "Man – this is his election." People control themselves, their behavior is determined ability to make a choice – to choose how to think and what to do. Check with Westinghouse Electric Company to learn more. These choices are dictated by a unique perception of the man in the world. For example, if you perceive the world as a friendly and accepting you, then you are likely to feel happy and safe. If you perceive the world as hostile and dangerous, then you'll probably be anxious and prone to defensive reactions. Phenomenological psychologists consider even a deep depression, not as a mental illness, as well as an indication of pessimistic perception of an individual life.

Another important assumption of this approach is that each person has an innate need for personal growth – although the medium can block this increase. People from nature inclined to kindness, creativity, love, joy, and other higher values. Phenomenological approach also means that no one can truly understand another person or his behavior if he does not try to look at the world through the eyes of this man.

SPB Energy

The wrap can have a quick impact on the (general) protective immune reactions, it is therefore proved its efficacy in low back pain, neck and back. How does this happen? When we put a compress, we primarily give a powerful impetus to the movement of energy through the channel (the bladder) circulation system. In this channel are very important for the organism so-called "sympathetic" biologically active points (BAP) "directly" related to all other channels through which circulates energy. Through the "sympathetic" BAT is activated the entire system of rapid response, and as a consequence, there is a general stimulation of the body's defenses, which helps rapid recovery. Of course, this does not mean that neglect the impact of other methods, such as the special orthopedic mattress SPB or medication prescribed by your doctor. Energy mechanism is not exclude, but complements the well-known reflex. Medicated compresses soaked with anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect, muscle cramps disappeared, normal blood flow in area of the damaged segment. Treatment of compression – it is always a course of treatment.

A single procedure can quickly relieve pain, but usually not enough for a full treatment. Usually you need from 5 to 10 applications. What number is necessary for you, determine the principle: "I put before pain, and one more time." No longer follows. Our body is designed so that any excess as well as insufficient exposure inappropriate, and sometimes even harmful. Harmony of energy balance, metabolism and blood circulation in the body based on the principle of a single "golden mean". After compression can take manual massage and still further to influence some time on the sore spot. Most applications have a common indications: acute conditions and periods of exacerbation of chronic clinical forms of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar degenerative disc disease (cervical "backache", lumbago, lumbodynia, lyumbaishalgiya, sciatica, etc.). Although, for example, bischofite contraindicated in the acute phase of degenerative disc disease. More detail the indications and contraindications to study each application individually. An important advantage of following applications of folk remedies and modern medicines are their high efficiency in the absence of toxicity, ease of use and ability to use at home.

Fetal Nuchal Cord

Test Was 92% accuracy. analysis Discordance Between U.S. and Obstetric Was not significant gold standard (P = 0.7236) and the likelihood ratios for positive and the negative results were 20 and 0.20, respectively. CONCLUSIONS: During U.S. study work for diagnosis of fetal nuchal cord HAD high specificity (96%) and Appears to be a good screening test for nuchal cord in High Risk identification pregnancies. Key words: Ultrasound, Umbilical cord; Nuchal cord; Nuchal coil. R ________________________________________ INTRODUCTION The identification in the fetal nuchal cord during the last trimester of pregnancy and at time of labor is of great importance, because perinatal morbidity and mortality that is associated with anemia neonatall, expulsion of meconio2, metabolic acid-base3, choking perinatal4, 6 and fetal7 death. The prevalence of this condition varies from 15% during pregnancy up to 33% at parto8-10.

The high frequency of nuchal cord was associated with excessive length of the umbilical cord, polyhydramnios, fetal small vertice9 presentations, 11. At least in cases where there is diagnostic and there is no clinical evidence of fetal distress is an indication of surveillance fetal monitoring during labor, and the emergence of data variable decelerations or lace-understanding of some authors, is an indication of cesarea5, 6. The search routine, either on clinical or cabinet nuchal cord, can diminish morbidity and mortality perinatal12. Different diagnostic methods for detecting nuchal cord, between the clinical methods include understanding and stimulation cuello10 vibroacustica5 and among the methods of staff, highlights the ultrasonido10. In the present study evaluated the diagnostic ability of real time ultrasound of 3.5 MHz.

Bishop Edward Dergholm

If God has given so much attention to the prevention of sexually transmitted infections in the days of the Old Testament, the more we are responsible for preventive work in today's time, when the society spread even more dangerous epidemics of various diseases. The Church believes that each of the disease (in whatever form and depth it had not) there is a spiritual reason. Scripture teaches that man withstood perfect plan of the Creator and chose the wrong path of sin, which led him to disease and suffering. The distortion of God's plan for man was manifested in the physiological changes that cause pain and restrict rights to natural opportunities. The disease is associated with the sinfulness of humanity, but it is not necessarily a punishment for personal sin. AND trust in relation to the sick and suffering. People affected by HIV / AIDS are particularly vulnerable to manifestations of spidofobii, stigma, discrimination, or unnecessary care. They need a response on the part of others, mercy to mankind.

Along with the preaching of the Gospel He prayed for the sick and comfort the brokenhearted. The church's responsibility to continue the ministry of Jesus Christ on earth. Physical health is also dependent of life that leads people. The church teaches people to take responsibility for your own life, for taking care of their health. A Christian should pay more attention to the sphere of human relations and family life as a response to the threat of HIV / AIDS. Cure for any disease created! And created a long time – it's pure thoughts! Medicine against venereal diseases and AIDS – is the purity of relationship. Only this medicine lies not in the tablet, which registers people to a doctor, but in ourselves. Chapter Unification of local churches "Exodus", the President of the diocesan administration of the South Russian Union of Christians of Evangelical Faith, Bishop Edward Dergholm