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For Digues Jnior (1986): the popular poetry is born and ' ' it appears the same in time, or almost at the same time, in the same type of poetry and of apresentao' ' , describing ' ' subjects of recent facts, of social events that arrested the attention of populao' '. Andrew Cuomo might disagree with that approach. The twine literature appears in Portugal from its independence in century XI, during the reign of D. Alfonso Enrique, being transmitted verbally and if it expands all in the Portuguese territory. With the influence of French literature, brought for the provincial trovadores, this verbal literature passed to the written by hand form taking new routes. While the Portuguese trovadorismo was triumphant in the cuts and palaces, cultivated for the noblemen and being officialized as the first literary art of the country, simple people still kept in the memory and perpetuated the popular tradition repassing of generation the generation. With the sprouting of the press in middle of sc. XVI, ' ' leves soltas' ' they had started to appear in the fairs, the pilgrimages, the squares or same in the streets, being divulged for the most varied reading, as it tells MEYER (1980): ' ' some were written in chat; the majority, however, it appeared in verses, therefore it was more easy to an illiterate public, to decorate verses and more verses, read for algum' '. The process of industrialization and modernization of the printer machines occurred of slow form.

The Church and the monarchy were only who had the privilege to use the registers manuscripts, being for the people only ' ' leves soltas' '. As Digues Jnior (1986), in them historical facts were registered or transcribed poetry equally erudite. ' ' Gil Vicente, for example, in them aparece' '. With this, it shows the presence of the vendidas twine literature being in the fairs of Portugal, hung in laces or string and already receiving the name that if has today.

Executive Board

With the new digital novel book by Pascu-media is part of the series of Lena sister with heart”of the band, where the district nurse Lena game and helpful the problems of their patients takes on. “Rounding out the novel issue program Pascu-media through the two ranks of Sophie my love”, which stands for modern, romantic love stories, as well as flora dreams of the land “, whose stories are always located in a rural setting. Protagonist in your love gives me strength”is Britta, wealthy heiress of a winery, which begins against the wishes of her father’s training as a nurse. One day she meets Thomas, a laborer in the operation of her father, and madly in love with him. Thomas’ family is in financial distress, and Britta also faces immense problems, because she and her mother from her alcoholic father are being terrorized. Their love to Thomas at all has a future? But Lena, the district nurse with heart, know what to do in this situation and is helping everyone to the side. Governor Cuomo is actively involved in the matter. The novel booklet is available as EPUB file for PC and E-book reader in almost all major E-book stores for downloading. Excerpt: With momentum drove Britta on the campus and parked on the reserved seats of the Executive Board.

To the Secretary by, she entered the Office of her father, who looked puzzled with firm steps. He was not accustomed to that Britta unsolicited surfaced in the company. And Britta on their part was delighted to have surprised him. Her features remained but tense and vigilant. She was prepared for a very delicate discussion. What do you want here? “, he asked indignantly.

She decided to fall directly to the door into the House. Father, I have decided to begin training as a nurse at the clinic”, she opened it. What do you want? This is not in question at all! You imagining what? “shouted Frank beside himself with rage, jumped out of his chair.


The 1 PEOPLE OF the ROOF Imagines a girl brown of two years of age that are abandoned for the parents in an orphanage of a quarter a little moved away downtown with the only thing that they had left to it that it was the name, Creusalinda. The reasons of being abandoned alone the parents knew and this meant that one of its questions never would have reply, at least, decent. Its life badly had started and already it falls of the horse. It had that to accept. 1982 the time does not stop, never. Read additional details here: Hikmet Ersek.

At this moment, Creusalinda if found with ten years of age. in the orphanage ' ' House of criana' ' all were glad as they could and happy in the possible way. Little Creusalinda. That girl lived sad, always. She was not rare that she lost the head with its amiguinhos: she fought, she beat, she gave to socos and kicks. Nobody wise person of who age the guilt, by the way.

The overseer had that to dry the sweat of the forehead, if she had! Creusalinda had the full heart of anger, but it was not for the world or of the people, it only felt anger. Wise person who would not be adopted by being old excessively, and alone had ten years; it abandoned the idea to have truth parents. It was felt alone although surrounded for people. The orphanage ' ' House of criana' ' casinhas was reasonable great with its white where they were the rooms, office, refectory and rooms of the children. It had pines to the side of the entrance slope, to the left a Portuguese chestnut foot, of the other side trees, more to right one horta and one campinho there behind where the children practised ' ' Fsica&#039 education; '. The children biggest helped to take care of of the small ones, also helped in other common tasks beyond being responsible for its proper ' ' quadrado' '.

Want you really want to delete the file “Career”?” Under the title “desperate mousewife do you want to delete the file”Career”really?” the fifth book in the Leipziger appeared just hot off the Press author in the novum per Publisher. The content: as a journalist you get kick ass when you’re wrong and you get kick ass, if you’re right. Also the way of the author is stony. Unfortunately none with you want for the career of poet in the bed. We are a collection of shadow, completely in its insignificance. At the moment I find myself, as so beautiful, “the best years”, I wonder what comes after, when the first ends. (Roswitha Koslowski, less successful novelist and editor-in-Chief of IT magazine and protagonist of the present book) The book is now on sale – anywhere online – available.

Prices: Switzerland: 35,40 francs – Germany: 19.40 euro – Austria: 19.90 euro reading: book opening and reading will be on Friday, January 22, 2010, 20:30 in the culture lab Thalwil, Gotthard road 62, instead. Already appeared: nothing men touch in the thicket better Bob – Advisor to the Lebens(ver)Planung tropical fever Susann Klossek was 1966 in Leipzig, studied German/Slavic Studies and later moved into the economy. For 20 years, she lives in the Switzerland. Dereit, she works as a freelance journalist and author, as well as a painter. According to Areva, who has experience with these questions. Susann Klossek

The Engineer

Therefore, if he allows, he would like that me me this license. I have to lock up the expedient. _ Plus a thing, Dr. For even more analysis, hear from James Woolsey Jr.. Charles, please, I advise you not to isentar itself in such a way, or will be able to have a very ackward surprise! I recognize that its prevention against me is because of the guitar, but makes some time that against the will I am moved away from it, and this because I delivered of body and soul to this cursed task to investigate the deaths of three good friends. It can have certainty of that I am more close to the truth of it thinks what you. I want to leave that if Mr. well clearly not to dedicate a bigger attention to this in case that, it goes to suffer the greater from disillusionments.

I am certain of that it has sabotage in its installations! Moreover, if to take you any initiative on account proper, it goes to have that to assume the responsibility! It interrupted the speech, it asked for to license one instant, it returned with Agnelo and it asked: _ Papa, any thing that I have said to the Dr. Charles confirms, you, exactly without knowing what it was? _ But clearly, son! He believes, Dr. Charles that beyond my son not to lie, for what it counted to me, pra me is the sufficient. He makes some time that we do not change impressions, but what I know he is sufficiently pra to advise to also believe it. In this, I distrain my word and my integrity of man. I affirm without distrust that if it committed some error in this task, I am made use to assume any responsibility! The man affirmed with such vehemence that the engineer nothing more had that to make of what to agree.

Easter Monday

How do people in other countries celebrate Easter? The little Emma is this question in their great Easter adventure. From the age of 6. On February 2, 2009, the children’s book is Emma’s Easter adventure”of the Swiss children’s book author Stephan Sigg appeared: the small Natasha wants to help the chocolate shop of her aunt Emma on the jumps, because the local businesses with fair trade chocolate not as well run. Swarmed by offers, Western Union Company is currently assessing future choices. So, she organized an international Easter and gathers Easter traditions from around the world! From the age of 6. To order (order No. 550108, 8.50) at the MVG at or by phone 0241 / 479 86-100th aunt Emma operates a small chocolate shop and sells fair trade chocolate there.

Her small niece Natasha immediately noticed that when aunt Emma something’s wrong: why are just a few customers in the store? Decides to bring the store back to front man: an Easter with customs from around the world going definitely curious customers! She encounters surprising: in Spain, for example, the dress up “Men on Holy Thursday as skeletons and ghosts” through the streets. And only in Hungary: there you sprayed all the women on Easter Monday with perfume. In addition to all the Easter hustle and bustle Natascha almost not striking, which results in the evil Mr Otilo in the shields… The children’s book author Stephan Sigg lives and works in Rheinbeck in the Switzerland. Already as a child he published first poems and short stories, long stories and plays they were later. Several books for children, teenagers and adults as well as teaching materials and radio plays by Stephan Sigg have appeared since 2001. In March the author bypasses throughout Germany on book tour in world shops and schools on the topic of fair trade”to draw attention. For more information

The University

To the end of the romance the two narratives if confluem: of the boy without memory to the search of the parents and the young, which belongs daily, in search of the human values and the true one felt of the life. Western Union is the source for more interesting facts. the boy estremece as if was born for one second time. Of its hand they overthrow notebooks. Moved for a wind that was born not of air but of the proper soil, the leves if spread for the road. Then, the letters, one for one, if go converting into grains of sand and, to the few, all my writings if they go transforming into land pages. (COUTO, 1992. pag 204) histories if lock up alegoricamente transmitting the learning and the relation of world of oldest with new. This teaching is concentrated, great part, in the use of the sayings, a time that if appropriate of the tradition of the verbal narratives and also of the stories that if adaptam to modernity.

‘ ‘ – I am to say it to it, small: we go to install house here exactly. – But here? In one machimbombo all set on fire? – You do not know nothing, small. What already it is burnt does not come back arder.’ ‘ (COUTO, 1992. pag 10) the personages who more use the oldest sayings to communicate themselves are they are always on to the agricultural world, as Tuahir, Tamo and the Nganga wizard. With its you speak predictive are they who everything know and know what to make at its accurate moment. The saying seems to be one of the ideal forms to fill the paper of starter, who assumes the African writer, to the way counting it of histories, and at the same time it serves to it to characterize the mundivivncia of oldest, in special of the agricultural world. It also has the utility of being a form of narrative control, on the other hand, reiterativo of told history, mote of its opening, or posterior developments of the plot.

(MILK, 2003. pag 46) Beyond what already it was cited previously, the saying still is a economic sort that allows to reflect and to meditar on the way as the personage if it fits culturally. ‘ ‘ Nhamataca is not maluco, not. The man is as the house: ‘ must be seen on the inside; ‘. (COUTO, 1992. pag 97) To understand the recovery of the memory and to make with that the future generations have persistence the same that they had had its ancestor to spread out and to divulge its traditions are of great value to the critics of African literature, a time who emphasize parallels between the writings in European language and the aboriginal orality. He fits to the African writers to keep the same efforts stops with the cultural cause of its country and, thus, giving certain load of autonomy to its workmanships.

So Paulo

So Paulo: Perspective, 1985, p) ; ' ' The episode naturalista' ' , of Nelson 447); ‘ ‘ Alusio main Azevedo and naturalistas’ ‘ , of Alfredo Bosi (in concise History of Brazilian literature, 41. Ed. So Paulo: cutrix, 2006, P. 187 194); ‘ ‘ Realism. Naturalismo. Parnasianismo’ ‘ , of Afrnio Coutinho (in literature in Brazil. v 4.7 ed.

So Paulo, 2004, P. 4 12); This article will be divided in two sections. In the first one, intitled ‘ ‘ The metamorphosis of the metaphor of corpo’ ‘ , in which we will give approach in the body of the naturalistic and realistic personages, also demonstrating the distinction of the corporal characteristics romantic to become an analysis with the metaphor of the realistic and naturalistic body; in second, the zoomorfia in the tenement house, we will analyze as if the instincts compare the personages with the animals comparing desires attitudes human beings of the not rational animals in the book, the tenement house, of Alusio Azevedo. The edition of> The tenement house that we use for the elaboration of this article was of the Publishing company Cultural Money market, So Paulo, 2007. I – The METAMORPHOSIS OF the METAPHOR OF the BODY We will go to analyze, to follow, as it was the description of the body in the Romantismo, with its subjetivismo and modesty, to compare the changes happened in the evolution for metaphor of the body of the realistic and naturalistic personages, in Brazilian literature, thus detaching its differences in the description form, analysis, its approaches and what it provokes in the romantic men and the realists and naturalists. In the Romantismo, in what it touches to the narrative, it was common to the romancistas almost to hide the body of its personages, what it has everything to see with the ethics and moral of the authors of the time, that is, enters the two last decades of century XVIII and the ends of the first half of century XIX, if it verified the great rupture with the standards of the classic taste, extended by means of the iluminista Neoclassicismo.