Eat a bowl of soup of cabbage, along with a few other low-calorie foods, is best if you plan to start a week to diet, soup diet cabbage quemagra is the ideal choice to start a rapid loss of weight. However, as there are so few foods to choose from as low calorie, boredom and discouragement are inevitable. Some books have documented several variations of this simple, although restrictive diet, anonymously written, which, surprisingly, has survived the test of time the soup fat burning cabbage not individualized. There are no recommendations on exercise, there is no behavior tips, no advice on how to change bad habits only a strict list of what you should eat every day of the week. And meals must be eaten at home, since these foods are not found in most restaurant menus. The soup diet fat burning promises a weight loss of 5 kg. in a week, and it is advisable to do this diet only during that week.

If you want to lose more, are advised to wait a while before starting one week in this super low calorie diet. The cabbage soup diet: what you can eat specific foods that you should eat: including fruits, vegetables, milk, and meat, interspersed with col. soup bowls the people who make this diet also are encouraged to drink plenty of water and avoid alcohol. Soup fat burners I have here a small sample for an example of this diet day 1: cabbage soup and all the fruit you want except bananas. Drink tea without sugar, black coffee, cranberry juice or water.

Day 2: Cabbage soup, all vegetables low calories you want (with the exception of beans, peas, or corn), and a potato baked with butter. Day 3: Soup of cabbage and a mixture of fruits and vegetables on top. Day 4: Cabbage soup, up to eight bananas and two glasses of skim milk. Day 5: Soup of cabbage, up to 20 ounces of beef, chicken or fish, up to six fresh tomatoes, and at least 6-8 glasses of water. Day 6: Vegetables cabbage soup, up to 3 fillets of veal. Day 7: Cabbage, soup up to 2 cups of brown rice, unsweetened fruit juices and vegetables without limits. The cabbage soup recipe varies slightly between different versions of the diet. But, basically, it includes cabbage or cabbage and an assortment of vegetables low in calories, such as onions and tomatoes, and seasoned with a mixture of onion, broth and tomato juice soup.