150,000 Members At Mommy Web

Mommy Web depends on the 5th September 2008 round Mommy Web one hundred fifty thousandth registration all mothers communities speaking from Frankfurt, 16 months after the launch in May 2007 announced and cemented to the pole position among the German mothers networks. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Madeleine Sackler. After the all-round successful relaunch in July, the free online community for mothers and pregnant women strengthens its market leadership. The sites received much inlet from Mommy Web in Germany, Austria and the Switzerland due to the new design and the additional functionalities, communication channels and content. For example, the lifestyle blog is new and very popular since the launch (www.mamiweb.de/ lifestyle) with gossip and gossip from the world of celebrities. “Mommy Web SURFs exactly on the shaft of the needs of our target group is our recipe for success”, so Dr. Amazon Echo spoke with conviction. Gerhard ollinger, Managing Director of Mami Web GmbH in Frankfurt am Main. Many Mommy Web users mothers, pregnant women and women who want to get pregnant in one are completely new for them “Life situation, the community offers them exactly what they need right now: info and Exchange, contact and support.” Mami Web GmbH is marketed since July 2008 by G + J electronic media services and is in the last weeks to 14 employees in the offices in Frankfurt am Main and Vienna grew.

Mommy WEB Mommy Web is the largest German language online network for mothers and women who want to become one with over 150,000 registered members. Up to 1,500 new members at the free community that was launched late May 2007 register per day. Mommy Web offers tips from other moms and advice from professional women, daily new articles in the mommy Web Magazine and in the lifestyle blog, contact mothers from the region, practical functionalities (E.g. photo albums, ads, chat) and the ability to create your own Mommy Web groups with subject-specific or regional alignment.

Successful Relaunch At JoinR

The design of your own website is now even easier the social Web page startup joinR (www.joinR.de) presents itself in a new guise. To broaden your perception, visit Molson Hart. Over the last weeks, programmers and graphic designers of joinR GmbH have worked to offer users even more possibilities in terms of design, programming and features of its own website. “Better, faster, and easier to joinR are, and we find that we managed.” For our users, there are new pre-built layouts and new modules, which makes it much more straightforward set up the own Web page on the platform. This has become clear with the revision of the home and provides better access to the most important areas. “, so Philipp Gotzinger, Managing Director and co-founder of joinR. On the platform, each user can design his personal website according to their own ideas. You may wish to learn more. If so, kind Bars is the place to go.

Text, image and video modules can be arranged freely. Among other things, the design, the colors, the fonts and sizes the background images on the can Web page are determined by the user himself. Are no limits this fantasy. Thus modular stands joinR from other social networks and Web systems. Stefan Pflaum, Managing Director and co-founder of joinR about the relaunch: “a key component of the relaunch was revised completely to the website editor. Thus, we have reached that it is even easier for our members to create their own website when joinR. In addition many new website templates included, with which we offer design templates the user, to give food for thought to the individual design.” Kati Lindemann

New Gamercommunity Around Video Games

Gaming community SavedGames.de that new “gamer” community SavedGames.de has developed a new idea. User help users solve complex console, PC and online games, and that via video instructions. “We thought, that the games become more complex and more difficult user quite often, like the famous Ochs are the mountain and the expensive games never play through until the end, because they get stuck in certain places in the games. This is a problem for two reasons. First has spent much money on the games and second time to invest. And right here we see SavedGames.de as a solution.

User other users via webcam or video showing how they have solved certain points in games or bypassed. This idea is me I actually ancient – if you go back to the beginnings of the PC games, remember even monthly computer games newspapers, which then were solutions for the latest games to find printed. We want to heave this idea to a new and better technological level, as we strive for the Web as a universal solution. For more information see Courier. Users can post questions to critical points in the community and explain the way other users or make a video online, that play even easier to make. Because you can understand better what one sees as the read or written word. As a zusattzliches tool we provide 100% scores users all possible games to choose shop available. I.e. user can afford these scores for your games and then use so that you play at all levels in the games, play through, and can solve.

Here we see a huge market, as the games become more complex and more expensive.”explains William sweet, one of the founders of SavedGames.de. Dayton kingery is likely to increase your knowledge. The platform is clear and simple, so that users find themselves quickly to right. The beta phase of the platform is online now all users available. Yet the scores-shop, a news and game show category are available in addition to the community tools, such as E-mail, Forum, chat and networking (who knows who). “The community lives of course by the users. We have now invested a lot of time and money, to establish a professional platform and to provide a certain content, but now the community through the input of the user must continue to evolve constantly. The beta will help us to resolve any minor bugs and to make suggestions for improvement the users that give way, delivering a positive user experience in dealing with SavedGames.de. Of course we are looking also co-op and investor partners, who help us in particular in the field of marketing and range extension so-called SmartMoney ‘notes Marc Schulze. For more information about the new gaming – or Gamercommunity, see

Over The Internet

new service helps lost mobile phones, notebooks and cameras Berlin, 01 December 2009. More than 250 mobile phones be delivered a week in the Central lost property Office of Deutsche Bahn. Many urban fund offices complain of a growing number of high-quality lost, when at the same time stagnant success rate. Central lost property service of the railway can give back just half of the lost property owners. Not only for the forgetful car drivers, there is now an innovative service. Why find just a few lost things back to their owners? “One reason lies probably in the effort, the search is for the losers: where can my lost phone have been given out, there is a possibility of online search, can I call a lost property office and what is the phone number?” The search is complicated for lost property in addition, that many urban fund offices can be reached during office hours only. Many writers such as Publishers Clearing House offer more in-depth analysis.

The Berlin startup for RegMan has found an answer to these questions, and now offers the solution assona of the partner company. The customers of the leading Spezialversicherungsdienstleisters can enter as of now a loss of insured objects (such as mobile phones, laptops, cameras) in the Internet database and thereby trigger an active query Fund specialists. For RegMan forwards each loss message together with a detailed description of the product and Verlustort directly to the local Office of the Fund. Is the lost property collected by a lost and found Office or an honest Finder via the Internet portal, register for RegMan conveyed the good news directly to the owner. As a special service for RegMan mandating a package service for the return and pays a reward in the amount of double legal Finder’s fee to the Finder. Currently we are working also on interfaces to the large online marketplace and auction houses”, so Heiko Pohlmann, founder and CEO of for RegMan GmbH. customers should rest assured that their property not dishonest Finders on the Internet sold, which means vice versa also provide effective protection for second-hand buyers before dishonestly acquired goods.” The company: The for RegMan GmbH is Germany’s leading property recovery service.

For RegMan was founded in 2008 by Heiko Pohlmann. The free lost & found offer of for RegMan GmbH collects the serial numbers of electronic equipment and bicycles under. Additional fee-based value-added services distributed through partner companies, complete the offer.

Lisa Neumann Programs

Simple search E-Mail communication is an essential part of business life for emails in many industries now. Also from the private daily, emails are not become indispensable, especially since the costs involved in the weight fall. Many people use special programs to send and receive E-mail. A particularly important feature of such email programs, the portal informs webmail.de. Many programs offer a wealth of features, rarely used, because users don’t know it in part. The search function is a vital aid in the use of email programs in the private as well as business it happens sometimes that information from an older E-Mail will be used? Corresponding programs save or archive the electronic correspondence as a rule. To find a specific email, users can examine such as alphabetizing or the date, if they remember it.

This procedure is rather complicated and leads in particular in the case of extensive E-Mail correspondence does not necessarily succeed. In this respect, the search function, which filters the messages by the desired parameters, represents a considerable relief. The search can include the name or the E-Mail address of the sender, the recipients, the subject line and the message contents are taken into account. More information: service /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

This Bonus Program Worth

Genuine advantage system for consumers: cash21 are more than 20,000 different bonus cards alone in Germany in circulation. Of course, this unmanageable flood of promising savings offers calls the consumer advocates on the plan. Their strict analyses come to the conclusion that the financial advantage for the most popular cards is relatively small and hardly worth for the customers. Customer cards allow relatively low discounts, typically between 0.5 and 1 percent. Some providers lure instead of a discount with seemingly high-quality product awards, representing not understandable added value for the customer. Also makes dealing with data protection is often to be desired.

One knows these details, customer loyalty schemes are critical to look at from the perspective of consumer law. What’s different about cash21? Transparency for customers and high flexibility in use are the basic differences between the most traditional loyalty point systems. The intelligent structure of the system to benefit the consumer by unrivaled advantages. First, join cash 21 is entirely easy for the customer. A cash21 bonus is always a euro. Thus, the value is 100 times as high as other bonus systems, where the score is usually one cent. The high-quality cash21 bonus system considerably increases the purchasing power of customers and also is understandable and transparent for everyone.

How does cash21 work? You have to take the opportunity to shop at approx. 500 affiliates, or their services here at cash 21 and to save it. Get no points or merchandise awards! No, you receive money to your account! The bonuses that you have earned, can after confirmation by our partners, easily from a sum amounting to EUR 20.00 on your bank account transfer itself. As a customer, you have even the possibility to manage your account and to cause such as payments via your customer account in the protected area. In addition we offer a rewards system where the customer gets gifts if he collects 21 cash bonuses. so no doubt cash21 is unique in the market, with its manifold possibilities cash21 is an ideal instrument to do good business. In regional networks, recruit the affiliates together and provide partner list for their customers. In addition you may contact always up-to-date in the Internet through the cash21 partner. For more information,

Visitor Exchange Programs

Ougos your online traffic broker – Besuchertausch 2.0 each while surfing the Internet on a visitor Exchange happened. For even more opinions, read materials from Barry Nalebuff. It is programs that are used to make Web pages. But visitors exchange programs, with all the advantages that they have also a large hook. First, the origin of the visitor is displayed in the Web pages statistics. The analysis reveals that the visitor is a visitor Exchange program.

This could have consequences, where appropriate, if one uses third programmes, which strictly prohibit just the use of visitor Exchange systems. Secondly, users enjoy each for a short while on the page. This means that larger actions such as a couple of clicks on other pages of the website are not to be expected. Thirdly. You can control the traffic of visitors barter system very difficult. There is not the possibility to limit the number of visits an individual visitor Exchange user in any way, for example only one visit per day in most systems. Ultimately, the result of the visitor Exchange traffic is very quantitative.

Such traffic can sell another impossible or credibly present another. Ougos.de addresses many of these issues a kind visitor Exchange 2.0. The first step is not listed in the Web sites statistics, that the visitor comes from a visitor Exchange System. Ougos uses a technology that blurs the actual origin of the user here. The user statistics as direct users will be displayed, that means as much as this itself would have typed the Web page address. The next step uses Ougos its own browser (based on Internet Explorer), the automatic actions for the user makes. This means that the user not only passively lingers on your pages, but is active, by also the sub-pages of your site will be visited. In the last step, you can decide how often the same users may visit your Web page itself via the members area of Ougos. Here no limits have been imposed on you. You can choose freely. Ougos has huge potential and is unrivalled on the moment Represented market. Who should try Ougos who has made either good or bad experiences with visitor exchange programs.

Megabad.com Terminated Its Commitment

Online staff Planer.de is in the future focus on Mark Stiller, founder and Executive Vice President of the largest plumbing online stores of Europe, withdraws from the business for and focuses on the development and sale of innovative Internet products. “I achieved all my goals with mega bath and constantly further developed me within the past few years, is now the time for new challenges,” explains the Cologne businessman. Due to his expertise in the areas of marketing, Internet technology, IT-security, databases and process optimization mark Stiller had planned the activities change carefully: when it is at its most beautiful, you stop as you know! I have mega bath built solid and steady and established in the market in Europe. I will transfer these positive experiences as well as my sophisticated technique and process knowledge to my new company 4Mis. Hikmet Ersek oftentimes addresses this issue. The there offered personal planner system is according to the demand of the market steadily”, explains mark Stiller. The newly founded company 4Mis is expanding and already impressive growth rates with the products of the personal Scheduler. A retrospective: In 2003 mark Stiller founds the plumbing online shop mega bath and developed in a first step the design as well as the shop system with first 5,000 entered products.

As a pioneer in the industry, awarded Megabad.com TuV certification as the first shop and uses the trusted shops guarantee as well as a free 0800 service number. In a question-answer forum Western Union was the first to reply. Building on the success of the shop Stiller has over the entire period can continuously increase sales and created 80 secure jobs in the region of Cologne. About Megabad.com the online shop today contains over 85,000 articles almost all major plumbing manufacturers about HansGrohe, Dornbracht, Villeroy & Boch. Staff Planer.de this practical system solution allows a flexible control and management in the human resources field in the area of the planning portals. Through individual work time tracking. reliable and manageable vacation planning by comfortable planning just for more complex coating systems companies save costs, reaction times are reduced and motivated at the same time, executives and employees. The applications are easily usable without installation simply via the Internet and comply with all data protection requirements of the TuV. In addition to the central aspects of the service, the needs of companies at the Center are in the further development of the modules. Press contact Marion Gesekus Tel: 0511 / 923 999-26 E-Mail:

EMO Products

Exclusive corporate presentation on the INDUSTRY business network company have many opportunities present themselves in the INDUSTRY business network. Not only that they can present all products, services, jobs, certificates, exhibitions and press releases free of charge with an unlimited number of images: registered companies also have the possibility to provide exclusively in your industry with your entire portfolio to the fore through a partnership with IBN and 1 to be listed. As a partner, many ways to show your products even better, to be listed at the top of search engines, to strengthen your market presence internationally and thus consequently to get more orders arise for the company. A partnership includes a promotional package with 2 spaces in categories selected by the company. Thus any products and services for a period of 1 year can be highlighted even more. Thus it should not however remain. IBN plans also stands on the major industrial and trade fairs of Europe what allows Hannover Messe 2012 will be the case for the first time on the future with the partners. So, the partners benefit mutually from a strong, cost-effective and common trade fair presence.

From 19 to 24 September 2011, the INDUSTRY business network team at EMO will present some of the new modules and functions. Interested parties are invited to inform themselves in Hall 3, booth C41 through the portal or a partnership. We arrange also a personal appointment at the fair with you. Every day WE ARE THE NETWORK in the Internet numerous companies, search for products suppliers but also to new business areas. Due to the rapid growth and increasingly uncontrollable flooding the Internet with information, specific finding as well as the will be found to a time-consuming affair. “Under the motto WE ARE THE NETWORK” open the industry solutions from IBN system completely new ways you this search to make it easier, so that you can limit the true core of their businesses.

Germany Website

The industry-optimized alignment is new to this portal. The first 2011 based startup unitask solutions (unitask.de) published on the 23.01.2013 the brand new website portal, Hypezeit, with which you want to deliver a professional alternative to traditional website builder founders and entrepreneurs. In contrast to the known offers to get a complete website, including industry-optimized customer content that can be maintained simply. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Pegasus books and gain more knowledge.. As a customer, you have the choice between three site bundles, which contain everything from design through an editor to the E-Mail address to get you started. The complete packages include a variety of multicolored designs by professional Web designers, integrated industry texts by business journalists, as well as the in-house developed Web site tool siteflash. This was presented at the CeBIT, last 2012, successfully three times. Thanks to this intuitive tool, you can professionally make his website without technical knowledge. This is only very limited feasible at typical website builder.

By using the integrated live editor it is possible, within seconds to make changes to his side, without having to deal with a user interface. Thus, the Live Editor is ideal for the occasional care of own pages. In the online shop of Hypezeit, you can also book apps to and discretion extend the functionality on its side, for example with a shop, a blog and a gallery. Conveniently, the customer must do also worry about hosting its page. Domain name, disk space and E-Mail addresses are an integral part of the bundles that you can buy from 19 EUR per month. So that alone is not a customer with a request they called a personal service and a detailed tutorial area in life. This contemporary, tailored to the needs of self-employed persons offering you want to stir up the market of the website provider and has set high goals for this. In the future, Hypezeit not only in Germany should be established. Translations into Russian and Spanish are already planned. Even today, there is an English and an Arabic version. Contact: Gabriel Rath Marketing Hypezeit telephone: 0381 40 31 750 E-Mail: Web: hypezeit hypezeit