Lieutenant Michael Zacklin

Until the message traveled to London at 16:15 the squadron joined the 5th fleet of minesweepers Kriegsmarine, commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Rudolf Lello. Task fleet was clearing minefields in the path of 'Bismarck' and 'Prince Eugen' through the Kattegat. May 20, at sunset, 'Bismarck' and 'Prinz Eugen' in the squadron were already at the exit of the Skagerrak, at the time of the passage near Kristiansand They were spotted Norwegian partisan Vigo Akselsenom. Akselsen was able to report what they saw in the British Skagerakke ships. On the night of 20 to 21 May the ships headed north and followed in Norway to wait time in fjord near Bergen. At 9:00 am the squadron had reached the coast of Norway. 'Bismarck' gave anchor Grimstadtforde and 'Prinz Eugen' was followed by further and cast anchor in the bay Kalvanes.

Supply vessels cast anchor along the sides of battleships and cruisers – human shield in case of a torpedo attack from the air. Once only the British received a message from and the Norwegian guerrillas, the British Admiralty immediately ordered the strengthening of air reconnaissance in the prescribed area of possible appearance of German warships. At 11:00 British command of coastal defense from an airfield in Scotland during a reconnaissance mission was sent to a fighter-reconnaissance-type 'Spitfire', which was piloted Lieutenant Michael Zacklin. At 13:15, flying over Bergen at a height of 8000 m, Zacklin discovered the German ships at anchor. Upon returning to the base of the scout, the first data were immediately transferred to the command of the British fleet.

Alinghi Swiss Challenge

Today's Grand Prix, like passing out every four years America's Cup, is very expensive – for team's success requires dozens if not hundreds of millions of dollars. It is not surprising that such events involving modern movers and shakers of big business. Most of the eleven teams who will compete this the fall of Louis Vuitton Cup in New Zealand, headed billionaires – like the head of the firm Prada Patrizio Bertelli (team Prada Challenge) and Ernesto Bertarelli (Team Alinghi Swiss Challenge). Peter Harrison, head of the England team gbr Challenge, and Larry Ellison the fourth-richest man in America, plans to personally manage your yacht in competition. Telecommunications magnate Craig McCoy and his friend Paul Allen, co-founder of Microsoft, jointly sponsored by the team OneWorld. Most of these gentlemen boast personal superyachts or banquet ship built for special orders. Among the few owned by Larry Ellison stands eleven Katana (formerly Eco), which is the length of 74.5 m is the thirty-fifth in the world a truly private yacht. Close in displacement to a full sailing ship, it is usually found in open ocean and plays the role of floating 'home away from home' and the office.

However, now it's in Oakland – rumor has it that Larry has ordered construction of a new motor yacht, longer than the Katana, 50 m. Most likely she will be laid on the stocks in the world's most prestigious shipyards for the construction of yachts – Bremen Lurssen. After completion of the vessel will be the fourth in the world a truly yacht. Superyacht Craig Macco Tatoosh, built two years ago, is the fifteenth in the world along. It is so great that at its upper decks can accommodate a sailing yacht and a length of 13,7 m A 12-meter motorboat racing, and such vessels themselves are considered very prestigious. Another rumored that Paul Allen, a partner Craig Macco team OneWorld, ordered a shipyard Lurssen new, longer boat.