Choosing A Gift

I guess there is not a man who would argue that the choice of gifts – a real problem, and even more so if the situation gets to the event left little time, often we wait until the last day. Present are different – the real romance give flowers, unexpected stuff, decorations, etc.; practical man to give something needed in the house, a useful and necessary thing, a man with imagination will be able to give something done own – as they say, any gift will please, after the main drop of attention! Romantic gift ideas help out couples in love, if someone of them wants to celebrate an unforgettable moment of his life in the further memory of her companion. In this case, is not as big a cost of presentations, the main thing – it's the unpredictability and sincerity. For example, a gift from a ring, which she will wear on the thumb, always will be reminded of her beloved man. Often wholly owned by the surprise dear person can become an unusual way of presenting a gift, in our time, even in a network is a set of recommendations and ways to organize unforgettable surprise and giving presents. In general, a present need to look for by taking into account the wishes and preferences of the person addressed to show. Some people prefer gifts in the form of decorations, others like something practical, and some fairly inexpensive flowers, etc. Romantic gift girl certainly need to be complemented with beautiful flowers – whether it is exquisitely prepared a bouquet or a stylish single daisy flowers – this is a tradition, especially if the hero of the triumph of the girl.

Romantic gift to her husband in my opinion is quite easy to choose than the fair sex as a simple gadgets, presented in a special atmosphere we often enough. But do not think that surprises us is not so important, we expect them not less than the ladies. Presents for men should be chosen taking into account his age, marital status well and definitely his passion. Some like to collect alcohol, others adore gadgets to your computer, a third useful thing about the house, others rejoice beautiful umbrella, etc. In general, for the stronger sex true gift from the beloved companion is her affection and attention. In the end it must be said that the surprise has a lot of goals – such as often he can reconcile, in another just to get attention, in the third to be the subject of attention, etc.

Lieutenant Michael Zacklin

Until the message traveled to London at 16:15 the squadron joined the 5th fleet of minesweepers Kriegsmarine, commanded by Lieutenant-Commander Rudolf Lello. Task fleet was clearing minefields in the path of 'Bismarck' and 'Prince Eugen' through the Kattegat. May 20, at sunset, 'Bismarck' and 'Prinz Eugen' in the squadron were already at the exit of the Skagerrak, at the time of the passage near Kristiansand They were spotted Norwegian partisan Vigo Akselsenom. Akselsen was able to report what they saw in the British Skagerakke ships. On the night of 20 to 21 May the ships headed north and followed in Norway to wait time in fjord near Bergen. At 9:00 am the squadron had reached the coast of Norway. 'Bismarck' gave anchor Grimstadtforde and 'Prinz Eugen' was followed by further and cast anchor in the bay Kalvanes.

Supply vessels cast anchor along the sides of battleships and cruisers – human shield in case of a torpedo attack from the air. Once only the British received a message from and the Norwegian guerrillas, the British Admiralty immediately ordered the strengthening of air reconnaissance in the prescribed area of possible appearance of German warships. At 11:00 British command of coastal defense from an airfield in Scotland during a reconnaissance mission was sent to a fighter-reconnaissance-type 'Spitfire', which was piloted Lieutenant Michael Zacklin. At 13:15, flying over Bergen at a height of 8000 m, Zacklin discovered the German ships at anchor. Upon returning to the base of the scout, the first data were immediately transferred to the command of the British fleet.