Findando Together

We wait that in 2010 the mayor of Serrinha takes attitudes therefore understands that Who has fixed idea is crazy, the psychologists and analysts affirm and we know in we practise that men and women can move of idea since that vain of the new proposals. the serrinhense this with its auto-esteem shaken but we have that to say to all not to leave that auto-esteem falls and each one knife its part, plans and has perseverance so that the things happen and improve the life of each one. Since the mayor and its team are with this malfadada administration the solution are each one to look for to make its part of the best possible form, change ideas and search solutions, he renews for minor who is these actions after meetings will be valuable. A palpite, plants the least a tree and teaches somebody next some thing as opinion to improve the life I negotiate, it, the study, etc. is a researcher and an educator of the form that you know, more rude of the people has something who we can learn with it.

Let us have auto-esteem, planning, perseverance and faith in God who you will see one 2010 different one! Thus we do not go to wait for the current managers of Serrinha we communitarianly go to renew and there more the actions of each one will be valued. We go my people there we intend to continue dividing with all the successes of our conquests.

State President

After much speculation, Fernando Heifer Rabbit, the son of the land, it was officialized as Minister of the National Integration, of the ministerial team of President Dilma Rousseff.Independentemente of any partisan club, who earned with this indication, was not alone the person of Fernando, but mainly the city of Petrolina, the region of the San Francisco and the northeast, for being it a northeastern, even so its folder has national abrangncia. It is important to remember, that the Minister is nephew of the former-governor of Pernambuco and senator of the Republic, the great public personality that was at its time, Nile Rabbit, that was known as the tractor of the president. This expression is enough to understand as it was so important in the scene politician, and represented the northeast region and of specific form so well its city. which the biography of Fernando, for is in the team of President Dilma Rousseff? I will say to them: It is formed in administration for the one of the appraised institutions more of ours country, that is the Getlio Foundation Vargas, presided over the Santa Cruz soccer club between 2008 and 2010, state deputy of Pernambuco in 1982 chose itself, he was constituent representative (1987-1991), and reeleito in 1990.Foi mayor of Petrolina for three legislatures, was super-secretary of economic desemvolvimento of Pernambuco and presided over the port complex of the port of Suape in the management of the governor Eduardo Fields in 2010.Ento ends, with these qualifications in its resume and all public experience, you have prerogatives enough to be a Minister and to desemvolver a great work the front of this ministry. It is a chance uneven, why not to say historical, due the importance of function in assisting the President of the Republic in the conduction of the country. Nobody obtains ascension by chance, is necessary ability and ability politics, in this question believes that the same it has, therefore knows to lead with maestria the process and if to locate in any circumstance in its sphere of action. Finishing, we must leave of side the partisan divergences, and believes that it will more correspond a challenge in its trajectory politics. In this manner Petrolina will be not known not for a land of the irrigation and yes for its representation. The example of Nile Rabbit, that left written its history in the State of Pernambuco and why not to say in Brazil. As petrolinenses, we desire to the Minister success!