Thought Fear

The world is around humans. And there are thousands of items in that environment. A part of them has nothing to do with the interests of an individual. While most Yes affects your interests. For reasons of adapting to your environment you need to know the impact for you of every thing. This allows you to take action to prevent what you hurts.

And at the same time to enhance what running in the direction of your inclinations. Human reasoning is good enough to anticipate the effects. You cannot predict with certainty any danger. And it is also able to warn about possible opportunities that leverage. However, the thought is too slow. And be precise something although it is not as accurate as he at least be faster.

The human mind has something like this: emotions. They are able to tell you if what presences is good or bad for you. When other people have actions to you don’t have to stop and think about them. Your emotions almost immediately, your intuition, you are saying if they do you should or you threaten. When you feel fear that represents one clear signal you’re before possibilities that pose a risk for you. If you’re feeling excited by what happens this is a notice that you are surrounded by favourable developments. This is the fundamental role of emotions and feelings. They serve so you target on the nature of each thing. Advance to the rational analysis that you can do in the circumstances. They say: this is good if you are experiencing emotions pleasant joy, enthusiasm, love, pleasure, but you are saying: be careful, this you should not if what you feel is fear, anger, fear, disappointment so that throughout our lives we learn to relate the emotions with the facts. If the facts are favorable, emotions positive; If events are adverse, negative emotions.


The lives of people within society is regulated largely with the idea of being able to always maintain control acting subjects and ensure all relations between people keep in the best way and in the case of drawbacks have pre-established means to solve conflicts of interest; This is seen in all fields of the journal live, as at the time of purchase or sell a good or service at the moment or in the future, which may occur a lot of legal and regulatory provisions that guide the proper development of such relationships; a clear example is the pre-contract or known by many more people as the figure of the promise, where it generates an obligation that must be fulfilled according to factors such as the passage of time or the occurrence of any situation specific. In a manner more concise to talk of the pre-contract or promise, is to be making reference to a specific contract modality, where it can be only one part or both parts that are within the pre-contract compel compliance with certain obligations in a manner future, so the pre-contract is subject at the time, either by the expiry of certain period agreed by the parties or the fulfilment of a certain condition. One way or another what is the pre-contract, is a promise which must be met if happen certain things, promise that it accommodates the completion of a contract about a certain thing. All of these conditions have given place to the pre-contract is also called as antecontrato or preliminary contract. Thredup contains valuable tech resources. In today’s world the pre-contract is understood as a promise autonomous, understanding this on the idea that the pre-contract has an own object, which is the contract as such in the future, so will maintain its validity even if the futures contract is not carried out, which will have as a main result of the corresponding compensation payment in attention to the perjuries caused on the one hand due to the breach of the obligation to perform the contract which He had agreed to future if it met certain conditions agreed upon in the pre-contract.

Among some of the main features of the pre-contract are: the pre-contract is a typical character contract, since it is regulated by the law. It is a main contract, it being understood that the pre-contract not this subordinate to the existence of any other contract. The pre-contract is understood as a preparatory contract, as that held by reason of a particular object, which consists in carrying out a contract in the future, which in other words means a preliminary legal relationship on the conclusion of a subsequent contract. Pre-contract subject to mode, otherwise agreed promise would not have any effect. The pre-contract can be both unilateral and bilateral, on the basis of whether both or one of the parties undertakes. The pre-contract has a very special character, since it generates only obligations do. Original author and source of the article.