How To Design Your Ideal Day ?

Many times in life we have found complaining about what we have, what we lack, what is wrong in our lives. We see other people enjoying wonderful lives full of potential economic, physical, mental and spiritual … and think "What are the possibilities that I have!" or "Who could live like that!". Instead of staying mired in feelings of sadness and resentment at what we have, I suggest you stop and begin to plan how it would be IDEAL DAY FOR YOU. If, as you read. Have you ever thought about designing what a perfect day in your life? How would you like? If you've never asked these questions, this is the time and I will not miss it! Read on … Mind you, I must warn you before continuing with your reading, you can not do is think about how make it. I do not want you to focus on obstacles tooodos your mind sees as limiting.

If you choose to continue reading I want you to focus simply on the DESIGN of this ideal day, what you want, as you'd like, to put it in detail. Hands On! I wish with all my heart that this exercise Transform Your Life and has become mine. Here are the steps I suggest for you to start with your design: 1. Prepare sheets, pencils, pens, crayons and / or colored pencils. This work will be creative and the result will depend on how you write, plot and Sketch what you're imagining.