Dealing with Debtors

What is role positions in negotiations to return the debt should be avoided, as to what recourse, in dealing with the debtor lives. " In my view, human behavior plays in life in the game "Debtor" like a gambler's behavior, which puts at stake his entire fortune, not to win (even though rationally he can justify his behavior so), but in order to gain a range of experiences known only to him. Very plausibly describes this motivation in his speech at the meeting of the therapeutic "gamblers anonymous" hero Al Pacino in the movie "Two for the Money": "When you lose everything, all that you have had, and it seems that the land will fall under you and you realize that you are in the deepest of … chain, was surprised to discover that until now you alive …. here can be extended Eric Berne's metaphor: "… and at this moment there is a purpose in life." Continuing the theme of the game "debtor" to say that the modern consumer society encourages such a game, certainly in the faithful execution of commitments, but still. When a young family takes a loan apartment, car and other property, it not only improves the comfort of existence, but also acquire financial obligations to the lender for years to come, if at all life. Thus, E. Byrne writes that a big celebration – a wedding or housewarming – occurs not when the loan is paid off, and when he was taken. Television, for example, sings not middle-aged man to pay all the mortgage, and the young a man who with his family moved into a new house, bought on credit, which linked him to most of the most productive years of life.

Bank Report

Except how and when to increase rates, you can try to prove that you signed a credit agreement is a contract of adhesion and demand from him to remove the pledge items. You can go the other way and to weaken the evidence base of the bank. "Changing the value of the collateral must be documented – the evaluation report the market value of the collateral. To assess the representative of the estimated company not only expects the residential area of the object and its location, but also assesses the internal state of the apartment. Photographs taken at the facility, applied to the evaluation report. In the event that the borrower do not let the appraiser in the apartment, accurate and reliable assessment report to be difficult – you can only be to estimate its cost, which, naturally, can not serve as proof of the position Bank of the court ", – said Sergei Kapustin. The counter real estate appraisal commissioned by the bank, you can use the services of other evaluators – it is possible that they determine the value of your apartments more expensive. It is possible that the court will take into account the results of your evaluation, rather than banking, and then at least you subtract the amount not covered by the guarantee, and maximum bank generally will be deprived of evidence to suggest that collateral fell. There is another risk – in case of deterioration or threat of deteriorating financial condition of the borrower's bank may demand repayment or to make dopobespecheniya.