The Diet

This is a concern for physicians, since it shows that the patient may develop a tolerance to the medication. This is particularly alarming due to the fact that you’re adopting a tolerance to the chemicals that the brain produces what affects appetite and mood. 3. Side effects: common side effects of the pills to lose weight tend to be unpleasant. Serious and even fatal outcomes have been reported due to the use of these pills to lose weight. The dangers of the pills of weight loss in the short term, lose pounds with prescription drugs can reduce some risks to health in obese patients. Unfortunately there are currently studies to determine the effects of these medications long term. So don’t be surprised if within ten years there are some adverse side effect for your health.

Let’s take a look at what we know about the effects side of these pills. This is a list of common of the two types of prescription drug side effects most commonly prescribed weight loss: * increased heart rate * high blood pressure * perspiration * constipation * insomnia * excessive thirst * dizziness * drowsiness * stuffy nose * headache * anxiety * dry mouth * abdominal cramps * serious flatulence * leakage of oily stool * inability to control bowel movement in my personal opinion and experience there is nothing healthy in these pills; increased heart rate, elevated blood pressure, abdominal pain, severe flatulence, oily stool leakage, and finally, inability to control bowel movements. There is nothing good, don’t you think? The trap with the prescription of because of weight loss pills that these drugs are not recommended for long-term use, doctors recommend that people who try to lose weight learn new eating habits, such as diet and exercise to make the medication to be effective. Well that’s somewhat redundant, isn’t it? If you’re going to have to do anyway the diet and exercise then what is the point of taking a prescribed medication with all the health risks? To summarize all this for tiy that is simple, stay away from these pills to lose weight. Find a good diet and exercise that suits your lifestyle instead of this way to get healthy and in shape and you can stay that way without having to suffer any leakage of oily stool or inability to control bowel movement during your everyday life like at work or family. To learn more about how to lose weight the next visit article how the rubber of chewing cannot curb the appetite