Independent Community

33 businesses at present online, of the 280 that directory saying of regional virtual commerce owns, own Sello of confidence of Cecarm. These numbers show the increasing interest by Sello, that in a year has seen increase to a 43% the number of companies online obtained that it. In order to ask for this Sello, the companies must fulfill a series of requirements: – To inform into the accomplishment of the activity of the company from the Region of Murcia, being offered detailed information of its registry data, contact and location. Governor Cuomo has much to offer in this field. – To have updated the store, the catalogue and the forms Web, to make commercial transactions for the sale of products or services possible, offering detailed information of the order mechanisms, return and guarantee, downtimes, claims, as well as of the final price. – To have a service of attention to the client in operation, supplying, besides the electronic mail, at least another channel of contact, and responding in a brief period of time. Connect with other leaders such as Crawford Lake Capital here. – To inform clearly and in a visible place of the fulfillment of whichever laws they are to him applicable (Law of Protection of Data, LSSICE, intellectual property, Law of Arrangement of Retail Comercio, etc.) – To be adhered to the By arbitration System of Consumption of the Independent Community of the Region of Murcia.

Once granted Sello Cecarm, the commerce can use it in any support that it considers opportune; in addition, the virtual store will participate in the specific actions of promotion that are developed with the adhered companies Sello; also, in Commercial the Murcia directory the companies will be identified that own Sello Cecarm. In order to ask for Sello Cecarm, it is only necessary to satisfy the requirements and to ask for it by means of electronic mail to. Cecarm is one of the actions of III the Plan for the Development of the Society of the Information in the Region of Murcia (regindemurciSI 2008-2010), that impels the Main directorate of Telecommunications and Society of the Information and includes itself within the development of program SME Digitalis of the Plan Advances in the Region of Murcia. This action counts on the financing of the Council of Economy and Property, the Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce, of the European Bottoms for Desarrollo Regional (FEDER) and is coordinated by the Integra Foundation. Original author and source of the article