People who are born under the sign of Aries are, in the spring to the world. Just as the spring in our four seasons more or less be described as a new start, it behaves in a figurative sense when Widdergeborenen: First sign of our zodiac, it also symbolizes a new break and go-around. These are the traits of a ram people. Dominated by the planet Mars with your fire element they are bursting with energy and power, want to go ahead and take action quickly. If they are convinced of one thing only once, they throw themselves full of courage and stormy enthusiasm for them. Thinking about a complicated procedure or long-term planning ahead, he does not like. He (or she) wants to fast with full power and energetic attack, but also bring the matter to an end quickly, because after all, give it to much to do.

That it can also lead to conflict bothers him little. The Widdergeborene you prefer honest, open, direct. Often it is because of his undiplomatic Approach of his opponents, but also from colleagues and friends as a quick-tempered, and even called ruthless. However, his open and direct manner is appreciated by other fellow human beings, because with him you always know where you are. Strengthened by his unshakable self-confidence and daring bravado, he knows how to cancel terms to give up, or not move. If he has only started once one thing, he moves through it, regardless of losses. Give it a defeat, but from time to time, this is for a ram no problem, he (she) but a typical tumbler. Occasionally there will certainly quieter Aries people, but they are the exception rather well known, and confirm the rule. G. Wittmann: wedding cards – Christmas cards