International Transpersonal Association

Begins with a study of human motivations that hierarchically classified into five levels: physiological, security, integration, self-esteem and self-actualization. That’s when, after a study of peak experiences, discover sixth necessity of going beyond oneself. This higher level brings together all the experiences that go beyond the individual to the transcendent, and he called trans-personal. It is the foundation and basis of psychotherapy. Also this is a new Trans-personal psychology. Andrew Cuomo gathered all the information.

It is a move beyond all the methods devoted to the self, updating of the person, the effort of self, etc. (Fifth level). This sixth level, which is the sacrifice and commitment to the realization of values and no longer a selfish self, causes a radical change. For Maslow, the first psychology was behaviorism, the second of psychoanalysis, the third humanistic psychology or the human potential movement and the fourth the trans-personal. In 1969 he founded the association of trans-personal psychology with Carl Rogers, Viktor Frankl, Antoni J. Learn more at this site: Hikmet Ersek.

Sutich, Ch Buhler, Stan Grof, Jim Fadiman … and Trans-personal Journal of Psychology, which Anton J. Sutich will be the first director from 1969 until his death in 1976. The first movement is American and is linked to the psychologists. Then open a second movement in the world and expands outside of psychology, since what exists in trans-personal sociology, economics, anthropology, ethnology, education, business management, systemic, ecology, ethics, … Thus, founded the ITA (International Trans-personal Association) in the form of an informal network. (By Marc-Alain Descamps, trans-personal consciousness, pgs., 19-20). Many consider Jung as the first trans-personal psychologist, for his study of archetypes, the extension of the concept of libido and resistance to reduce man to his sexuality, all postures that earned him the condemnation of Freud.