Spaces For Businesses

Business centers offer you the possibility of choosing between a wide variety of types of law firms, from 10 m 2 to 120 m, which gives this type of services an enormous flexibility to respond to the needs of companies in today’s economy. The main services that tend to have business centers are as follows: services of Virtual Office remote (call with the name of your company) services of Virtual Office for rent equipped offices rental of meeting rooms, training classrooms video services Conference tax advice, commercial offices fully furnished reception and secretarial business centers offer you the possibility of hiring other services such as virtual office or virtual office start-up costs a physical Office, they are high. A virtual office or household a society allows you to reduce costs, and allow to perform the same tasks from a virtual space centralized, thanks to advances that offer us communications. It’s a way more Economic and geographic mobility, since we do not need to be in the city in which we provide our services, since a secretariat will collect calls, correspondence etc, informing us of this at all times. Depending on our needs we opt for a model or another Contracting, and it may use from the social Center of business address or business address of your business, to a complete management of the interaction with your customers. In addition to these services business centers offer the possibility of renting offices or rooms of meetings for hours, days, months, or years, where you can get rooms, equipped according to your capacity needs and technological needs..