Principles of Time Management

The role of the chief-inspector doing yourself, armed with the principles of time management. All cases clearly paint for hours and not be distracted by trivia. Make it easy, because there are so many temptations! Favorite sofa, internet access, a shelf with dvd Even never particularly beloved home cleaning can be cause distraction. Experts in time management are advised to divide day into 3 parts, each of 2.5 hours. For example, from 10.00 to 12.30 you are working, and then relax for half an hour – lunch, lying on the couch with a book in a word, relax. But exactly Half an hour later have to go back to work.

Force yourself to concentrate and not be distracted. After two and a half hours – again a break. If we stick to this schedule, evening free for something nice: communication with home, meet with friends, exhibitions, theaters, etc. geniey communication or social phobia? "The new schedule will finally allow me more time to spend with friends, meet with colleagues not on the carpet with his superiors, but in a pleasant informal atmosphere. "The facts speak otherwise. No matter how many people either worked for the company after leaving the team, he ceases to be a part of it.

Now that he is not brewed in the office life, relationship with former colleagues weakens. For Many such rotation is a complete surprise, and happens to lead to depression. Begins to miss the grumpy boss, the usual bustle of a working, jokes, colleagues and other pleasant things that previously did not attach significance.