Dialogue Of The Brain

Cleansing the body – fashion. A leading source for info: Hikmet Ersek . Purification of the brain – a curiosity. Both make sense to carry out regularly and with pleasure. To the question 'why', there is always the answer 'to have a young body and brain-friendly'. Session detox spend only with a specialist. Session brain drain cleaning – once a week in the presence of silence. Slag of the brain, as well as toxins in the body, rather the product of external influence than genetic factors.

Slag of the brain – this is information that came to soil of our experience with you and give germs of future thinking, delusions, positive or negative thinking. Neutral information acquires meaning only when it will add value. Any information is neutral, as Switzerland, as long as we do not erect it on a pedestal or cast off from there. News-neutral – while we will not be frightened. Rumors are neutral – not yet believe. Another person is neutral for you until you give it meaning. Event neutrally – as long as you're not going to talk about it.

News and people are always a reflection of our inner world and character. Typically, negative thoughts intoxicated intoxicated attract the attention of facts and events. The man himself judge and lawyer. Even breaking the laws of nature, communication, business or individual will be justified, and feeling sorry for myself. In severe cases, simply chide myself and will issue a permit for the following error. Of course, what hurts, does not bring good. But what benefit? What thoughts are constantly bringing mental income? And what brings a loss? What works and what does not work in your life? Last question for the skillful handling of them is mental purification through dialogue with the brain! How does technology 'dialogue with the brain'? A4 sheet, divide in half by a vertical line. Left column – your thoughts now. Right column – the desired thought or an ideal way of thinking. Recommend – once a week. For activation of your thoughts, think about how you are critical, open to collaboration, how much time you spend waiting for the perfect time to start, how do you feel about work – duty or pleasure, Whether you're driving the same route more than two years, with what words would you describe the 'competition' do not get hung up on whether you details of the project, instead of seeing the ultimate goal, whether you call a model of concentration and habits? Often negative – is a former positive. The epidermis of the skin, when it was leather, and played the organ. How can I find out what works and what has become invalid? Only if you take a sheet of A4 and will spend a short analysis of your thinking. Brain – is not a museum, which is proud to hold the debris of old ideas. Brain – a solemn reception room guests. Regular cleaning of the brain leads to a clean, clear thinking and ability to concentrate on what and as much as you like! Why do not you try the method of 'dialogue with the brain' right now? 2009 Igor Osipenko IgorOsipenko.com Reprinting is welcome. Link to IgorOsipenko.com reserved.