The Year

At this time my son of mine came a nephew second sister was a time taking care of of it since it was liveing with my mother, later the mother of it appeared and started to also take care of of it, the name of it is Daniel this goes to be ones of the few names who I go to cite between these lines, later vocs will go to understand why. Soon I arrived I arranged a job in a neighboring small market I started to gain money, I gave to gifts it I stop trying to conquer it, more without much success, until in a party of year end I bought some liters of drinks to cooperate in revellion of its family, but when it arrived at the turn of the year if had disappeared, when I was in search of it, it was there with the face who it liked, rebelled itself all caught the drink who I had bought and drank everything, this was then mine first porre, cried, rebelled itself and vomited in the house of it, there family of left me to it played in the area of the house until the day dawn, banished later and said me that never more she stepped on there, this was plus one of my frustrate love. In that new house I was not for much time, therefore another sister mine was needing a supposed dribble, and one more time pra sobrou me since my new sister already was almost if marrying one of the nephew of my current stepfather, then one more time I moved of quarter. I was then to live with my sister of the way that had a son of one 02 years and it escolinha would go to start to frequent one and my sister wanted to start to work, and I had a brother-in-law until he was legal more to adore to take one and others, I I arrived there very shy, bad skirt in the street and he did not have many friends until my sister to again register decided me the school, I sufficiently I was been slow for that age I was registered.