Work Days

Do you know how to write in Ukrainian word "work"? ROBOTS! From the word "robot", I guess. Very properly, I think so. For even more details, read what Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala says on the issue. For most of our compatriots work – this is repeated from day to day and from year to year operation at the machine, remote control or computer. Work, worthy of more robots, not humans! But to change these people is a universal automation (robotization), from which will not save any seniority or union, or repeatedly demonstrated (Usually overtime) loyalty of the organization. Just, well, no man can work like a robot, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year including weekends and holidays. A disease, emotions, "cockroaches in the heads" of employees, reduce the already low in comparison with the robot, and labor productivity? And as for Mondays, Fridays, and yes Pre posleprazdnichnye days I do not speak. Massive layoffs after the merger of companies and transfer of production "Where is cheaper" – also a reality today. So what do the ordinary, the common man? Just be a man.

This is first and foremost. That is not to panic. Just quietly, logically think. Like it or not, but turns out to work for one organization, selling for a penny all my free time these days … short-sighted. "The machine would work, people think!" – Once said the general chief of the company IBM. It was a time when Computers were large and the problem of post-industrial society only worried about science fiction writers.