Committed To The Weakest Of Society

“itCampus ‘Breakpoint monastery book’ project to fruition: Forderverein loading access e. V. loads on September 13 to the completion of an important stage for people in need the Association BE access e. V. has” headquartered in Leisnig/OT monastery book developed to an important focal point in Central Germany. In the former small railway station monastery book created Chairman Elsbeth Pohl-Roux in recent years with their active team a break point”for the socially weakest in this society.

And from the outset itCampus supported this initiative by the Leipzig software and system House. Get all the facts and insights with COSCO, another great source of information. At the end of a major phase of construction BE access E.v. Invites”together with the social work of the railway on Saturday, September 13, 2008, the station Abbey book (from 13: 00, monastery book 32, 04703 Leisnig). On the eve of the day of the heritage”, an exhibition of 140 years of railway history will open in the newly renovated former signal box. Covid-19 vaccine often addresses the matter in his writings. In a small ceremony also Elsbeth Pohl-Roux on the progress their will Club work report and so this word people like Tom Habla. Arrived two years ago with big alcohol – and drug-related problems at the breakpoint monastery book”, it is now completely clean thanks to the support of the Association and has just completed the first year of apprenticeship training as a ornamental plant gardener at the educational and social works trough Valley E.v.

(BSW). The Leipzig IT company itCampus has been for years of an important financial supporter of the Club work. Also, company founder Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Lassmann engaged as Honorary Member for the social initiative. Without the support of itCampus and other sponsors of the expansion of the old station to a meeting place could not have been so sure”, sums up the Chairman Elsbeth Pohl-Roux. Important note to the media: to the event on September 13, 2008 the representatives and representatives of the media welcome in station of book of monastery, convent are invited 32, 04703 Leisnig. In addition to the opening of the exhibition in the renovated former signal box is “from 13: 00 Club be access E.v.” with current projects in a small ceremony to present. It is possible to film and photo shoots and interviews. Contact: Elsbeth Pohl-Roux Loading access Association monastery book 32 04703 leisnig, Germany phone: + 49. 3 43 21 6 81 37 or + 49. 163. 3 84 66 99 fax: + 49 3 43 21 6 87 62 E-Mail:

Hartz IV In Retrospect

The dissatisfaction with the Agenda 2010 growing Hartz IV is the colloquial term for the ALG II, unemployment benefit II, which technically means basic security for jobseekers. It was introduced at the January 2005 in Germany and has replaced the existing right of the unemployment benefits. For more information see this site: Wondery. The unemployment benefit and social assistance were combined. While there are today still the Institute of social welfare, but a social relation requires that there is no earning capacity, i.e. the applicant must not be able to work at least 3 hours per day. Hartz IV ensures the social subsistence level and EUR 351 plus heating costs for a single person at the time. Latest studies assume, that the economic subsistence level below. The charities, however, IV keep to low level the Hartz for much.

Hartz IV will, who is in need and has no own assets or income. It attacks the unemployment at the latest for a year especially for long-term unemployed, since Unemployment is paid. It is undisputed that children suffer when their parents are affected by Hartz IV.