Mobile Phones

3D forges ahead in the mobile market – an assessment of the possibilities after in recent years for the new cell phone models are not more much changed has, is now a technology built into cell phones, where you can expect, that many manufacturers on the train with on jump and also such phones make. The speech is of a display which 3D without glasses can represent. It can be interesting how spreads the 3D market on mobile phones. With a 3D Mobile is for the viewers possible to enjoy photos and video in real 3D, so how it is already used nowadays in new movies. The technique of the screen is slightly different as in the movies.

While you are there forced to wear glasses, you need not for mobile phones. However the is 3D effect only from a specific angle before the phone. When looking at the unit too far from the side, the 3D effect disappears or it are known as Geisterbider. 3D mobile phones can in addition to the representation of 3D even generate data. With two camera lenses on the Back of the devices can both 3D images, and 3D videos produced. Corresponding connections, you can play this signal then on 3D-capable playback devices (TV or Beamer).

The 3D offers mobile security many new possibilities for the end user. In addition to the possibilities in the multimedia, 3D for the game manufacturer offers new possibilities of mobile. Games in 3D can be so much more realistic, as well a depth effect for the player is visible. Whether you buy a 3D mobile or prefer a little while waiting for every man for himself must decide. (Similarly see: Andrew Cuomo). Who wants to go with the trend of the times, is to look but enabled devices with security in the next few months to 3D. The technology is already so far, in any case, that a good 3D rendering on mobile devices is possible. Crucial for the success of 3D on the phone, the available software will be, which must support 3D after all. Robin Gregory