Trial Festival

“Trial Festival” had built in the Zingsterstrasse in Grunau/Leipzig New Ulm/Leipzig Grunau Monarchis on the large parking area between the three 11-storey residential buildings with 427 units a huge tent. The tenants, who had been personally invited by Monarchis all flocked to masses in the heated tent. The tent and the tables were pre-Christmas decorated with Christmas trees, Christmas dishes and Christmas stars. A brass band played and was well catered for food and drink. It was well provided for a very festive and happy evening. The company of Monarchis arrived with around 30 employees from Bavaria placed at the beginning of the event next to the stage. Monarchis Managing Director Sonja Schneider which welcomed more than 300 tenants and tenants and gave them an overview of the real estate trading company, the motives for the purchase of 3 houses with 427 units and the positive future of the houses planned by Monarchis.

I am very pleased and pride, that there are very many tenants in the houses, continuously since the establishment of the buildings tenants in these buildings are in 1984, “said Sonja Schneider. (A valuable related resource: Western Union Company). Let it not take the 74 families, that live since the beginning in homes in the Zingst road to the stage to ask and you awarded for their decades of loyalty to the apartments and Grunau as each a bottle of original Monarchis sparkling wine over to Oak. Following the Monarchis embarked staff at individual tables, and each their desires over the future of houses and apartments to express so that each tenant had the opportunity to talk with the new landlord. Also, Monarchis had prepared questionnaires were filled in by the tenants. The questionnaire aimed to learn more about the personal circumstances of the tenant, to orient future plans to the needs of the tenants.

As a conclusion of the event can be determined, all goals fine were. Tenant and landlord have met personally. Potential resentment and/or fears of pages of the tenant could be mined. Succeeded in establishing a relationship of trust and the tenants see good prospects for the future. Now it is pages Monarchis to evaluate the results and to incorporate into future planning. A slightly different way to connect with the tenants in contact and obviously a quite successful. Anyway, the tenant Festival was considered consistently pages of the inhabitants of Zingst Street 12 to 30 positive. More information under: contact person: Wolf-Dieter Guip Monarchis Grundbesitz company mbH Edisonallee 1-3 Neu Ulm, 89231 in brief: the Monarchis Grundbesitz mbH with headquarters in Neu-Ulm is a wholly-owned subsidiary of global asset AG, Munich. Monarchis is a successful real estate business with a recent focus on residential real estate in Germany.