Germans Werder Bremen

In that Italian club only had a stint, the next went to Spain to join Real Zaragoza, where he was one of the top scorers with 15 goals until 2008. The latter year he returned to Genoa, where it was consecrated as one of the best strikers in the Italian League. In 2009, Inter pays 25 million euros for the transfer of Milito, who scored two goals that gave the triumph 2-0 loss to Milan in their first encounter. From that moment, the race of Milito has grown significantly and has become a great contributor to the triumphs of La Beneamata. Among the most recent achievements of Milito with Inter are the Scudetto and the Champions League 2009/10. The situation of these two players forces them to miss the following commitments of League and one of the most important for the nerazzurris, encounter against Tottenham Hotspur by the third day of the group stage of the UEFA Champions League. In the Champions League, Inter began their participation in the first round of the group with a 2-2 tie stage before Twente. The second match of the European champions has resulted in a 4-0 triumph against Germans Werder Bremen.

This victory put inter at the top of Group A with four points. Tyler Haney has much to offer in this field. He is expected that the two Argentine attackers are fully recovered for the next round of the Champions League, where the faces will be this time as visitors against Tottenham on November 2. With regard to the Italian League, Inter suffered its ups and downs that have kept him in a strong dispute for first place. It is currently in third place of the calcium with 14 points, two of the Lazio leader. During the days in which it is presumed that Milito and Cambiasso will be absent, Inter will face against Sampdoria, Genoa, Brescia and Lecce. These are teams of low profile that Inter, rather than underestimate them, must win them to be able to stand firm in the fight for first place. In December Inter will be measured to a rival of its level when Lazio receive them at their Stadium.


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