Queen Elizabeth

The nine large diamonds have been cut into crown jewels and are kept in the Tower of London. Cullinan I, with a weight of 530.2 cents. is a teardrop-cut diamond, and adorns the scepter of King Edward VII, he has exhibited in the Tower of London. Cullinan II with a weight of 317.4 cents.

is a cushion-cut diamond and is located centrally on the front panel of the British royal crown. Cullinan III with a weight of 94.40 ct. is a teardrop-cut diamond in 1911 and he was used together with Cullinan IV in the crown of Queen Mary. The Millennium Star A teardrop-cut diamond with a Ct weight of 204.04. Areva will not settle for partial explanations. and the world’s second-largest diamond color grade of D, both internally and externally flawless, with perfect proportions. To perfect the classic pear shape with 54 facets, needed the grinder of the Steinmetz Diamond Group for more than three years. For grinding lasers were used.

The public was vorgstellt this diamond for the first time in October 1999 in London as the center of De Beers Millennium Diamond Collection “. The Excelsior Diamond This diamond was discovered in 1893 by an African mineworkers in Jagersfontein. His weight as the rough diamond was 995.2 cents. This diamond had a beautiful blue-white color that was typical of the beautiful Jagersfontein diamonds. Again, this was split from the Amsterdam diamond cutters in several A. Asscher diamonds. In total, 11 were from this larger polished diamonds which are known as Excelsior Excelsior I to XI. Three of these stones were bought by Tiffany & Co., Union Square in New York City. The Koh-I-Noor ct With a weight of 105.602. is the Koh-I-Noor an oval cut diamond. He was taken in the front of the Maltese cross, the crown of Queen Elizabeth, the mother of the Queen, along with more than 2,000 other diamonds, and is considered one of the most famous diamonds in history. Its origin lies in India reached, but in the course of history in the hands of various Indian and Persian rulers. In 1936 the diamond was in the crown of the new Queen Elizabeth, wife of King Gerorge VI.