Inner Life

It was looking for a precise phrase on hatred and I found this that is of anonymous ” Hatred makes more damage to the one it feels than it that to which genera”. The truth that is right much, because that negative feeling, only harms to you, because to the person that you never hate it has found out lives happy on the life, while you sink in that feeling and you do not obtain inner La Paz and that is reflected in your form to see the life you see, it of negative way and the things do not leave as you want. To hate some fact or some person is form to hate us same, if you have east ingrained feeling, that brings bad memories to you and only distresses, is little probable that you can improve the self-esteem. You do not continue loading that so heavy cross that it does not let to you advance in the life. Read more here: Anne Lauvergeon. It discovers like taking the hatred of your mind and improving your quality of life. It has not passed you that when you want to make something new, to change some negative habit or any thing that brings well-being to your life, come to your memories the bad things that happened to you, your bad relation of pair, the calls of attention of your parents, the disqualification of your friendly those memories although you do not create it are what they do not let to you advance. It is necessary that you free yourself of all those negative emotional loads and to manage to pardon to which they did damage to you. This form leaves from the past and if you do not pardon, you do not evolve.. Gibson dean contains valuable tech resources.


That frigid morning, very early its mother had come, muga from the leg as if it was calling or waking up it, when hearing first mugido the yearling calf began to bawl as if it would say I am mother here. That same morning gave in my birthday the yearling calf to me new born. Banquito called I it when not yet she could pronounce it blanquito, although am a little peculiar confession, we called in this way, now I realize it that its animalitos for the coproprietors is like establishment of credit (bank) arrived at their four or five years sells their bulls to acquire their different needs, for take care of that them, so that with it eats the bread, the rice, buys the kerosene, the phosphorus, also its clothes. Now the banquito one we were a great, white bull with some black spots in the back, was the last time that has been going to look for it in Pasto qata, was December, the majority of the coproprietors already had finished seeding in its small farms, also needed to the last sowing in the Supun quruy, that small farm where sowing in those months when the Earth has been watered in rains. All the morning I could not find it. He was rabid, like never, my body had been warmed up and sweated. When suddenly at the top of the Quani they began to fly some condors, flew more and more near me, as if they were making the rounds to me. I returned to the summit of that great hill Kano leg where it had found the Huayrunguito as the Earth were smooth I noticed some signs, was scared either sweated the more, was a deep bankruptcy the land, a precipice, in that part was a jam of ichus, seemed started, on rocks had been white hairs, I hit upon to be left stopped me, crestfallen, sad, fearful, banquito would have fallen to the precipice reaching to ichus. .