Indonesian Island

The Republic of Singapore is an island south of Malaysia and Indonesia to northern city whose name means lion. With this exotic etymology, this Asian island has some great attractions Colonial (belonged to Holland and England), natural and cultural. He, speaking in general terms, without regard to destination and conditions, is a form of travel that has advantages and disadvantages. Group discounts are continuous in hotels, museums, monuments, boredom is more difficult to take place in the group and the ideas increase. On the other hand, is more complicated to organize, to share ideas and characters and use depending on the trip can be very hard. But it is the case of Singapore, if things are done well, can be a perfect destination for travel in this way. Singapore, with homonymous capital, has gone from being an island of pirates and fishermen, small size, to gain yards and yards of the sea and become a major concern of environmentalists in the area, which is that the smaller islands of Indonesia are selling this arena with the ecological disaster that entails.

In addition, the airport is on the sea and territorial neighbors nails out. Leaving these issues aside, but not while taking them into account, has to know the continuous contact of this country with nature, beaches, parks and gardens flooded the region. The Jurong Bird Park, Zoo, and Butterfly Park & Insect Kingdom are among the attractions to see, along with the Night Safari, the first night of the country park. This contrasts with many buildings and multiculturalism hyperbolic overwhelming. Colonial memory, four official languages (English, Tamil, Chinese and Malay) and one of the most varied cuisine (Chinese, Indian, Malay, Indonesian, Japanese, Italian, American, Russian, suizaa ) will delight everyone possible.

This contrast is seen in the sights of the capital: the Victorian construction of the Palace of the Empress, the old Chinatown (dense hurry that they are rebuilding the area), a piece of Bollywood in Little India and the luxury of Orchard Road. A consumer taste, so if traveling in a group have the opportunity to meet all kinds of personalities and sleeping options are just as rich, those are one of the cheaper options. City Backpackers is located near the train station, Habitat Hostel will give us privacy and space, Rucksack Inn is perfect for traveling in groups and The Mitraa have an unbeatable location. Blend, contrast, wide range of possibilities, unique destination to satisfy all fortunate to travel to Singapore, land of lions, cultures and sea. By: Almudena Almudena Corral is an independent traveler, before working as a writer for HostelBookers toured several continents to discover the wonders of their cities and towns.