Beginning State

November 1, 2009 on a part of the planet Mars has been proclaimed mnoer County. In the entire history of mankind the new states are born and die continuously. And it's not particularly surprising. But before the newly formed state always were part of another state, a colony or populated areas. In the case of mnoer everything was different. There was not a populated area, no sign of statehood. Andrew Cuomo is open to suggestions.

It all started with a complete zero. This is similar to virtual state. They were not so little. Principality of Sealand can remember on an artificial platform, near the British or the Lunar Republic American Dennis Hope. But that's just a virtual state county mnoer and is not. With all due respect to their creators, the goals they pursued different – from fame to fortune, but no one wanted to state in full. All such states are formed with a gross violation of international law, some of them were not serious and looked like a game in half in order to win. And the only county mnoer Beginning behaved differently.

With its creation, has complied with all necessary standards. Creating a new state – a kind of know-how, which should be kept secret, but now some secrets you can uncover. Firstly, the Declaration of Independence was issued in compliance with all regulations. Second, – the Constitution. Provides links to precedents for the formation of new states. All of them were absolute monarchies. This was one of the reasons why the county mnoer is a monarchy rather than a republic. And finally, County mnoer has committed itself to abide all international treaties. The current status of solar system planets are completely clear. They are controlled by no one, but as least temporarily, and formally, all countries have freedom of travel and research, the territorial Claim States are frozen. But all this applies only to existing states. According to the same standards, in particular on the fundamental un treaty of 1967, does not prohibit the formation of new states by individuals, this 50 years ago, just no one has come to mind. And that is not forbidden, is allowed, it is the basic principle of modern law in all countries. An important part was the presence of free territorial claims territory. There are still some details, but basically this is enough to the new state is considered legally legitimate. Many prominent lawyers welcomed the establishment County mnoer from a legal point of view as completely legitimate, and none Lawyer of all time could not find a single convincing argument against such legitimacy. We are not looking for any material gain, no glory. So far, the most glory rather than have to deal with misunderstanding, instead of benefits – one difficulty after another. But we serve all mankind as we are able and as we believe it is right to do. And we believe in the success of our business.