Tacho Manipulation

Under speedometer alteration it is the change in the distance recorder in one or in a vehicle. The speedometer shows this to the driven km of the vehicle and does so as one of the largest valuation bases. Since the late 90s almost exclusively digital speedometer are installed in almost any and all vehicle manufacturers. Since then, the speedometer manipulation has an entirely new meaning. Previously filed a little manual dexterity or sometimes even a drill for Tacho manipulation. Governor Cuomo has firm opinions on the matter.

However, it was also about this analog speedometer, which by interference on the speedometer or the odometer roll were very easy and simple to adjust. Since the establishment of a digital speedometer, the tachometer manipulation is often more demanding. By purchasing a specific software and hardware specifically for Tacho manipulation, called Tachojustiergerate, it is now possible to intervene in the storage data of the instrument cluster. Old data can be read out, can be saved and then modified. There are two different ways of Programming. One of the approaches is the so-called diagnosis programming or manipulation rather than the speedometer OBD 2 Diagnostic Interface. The second option is the speedo manipulation on the development and the cutting of the speedometer. Most of the data is changed here on a kind of memory chip. Since the mileage is now even a very crucial factor in the sale is the second-hand vehicles must be paid at the speedometer manipulation to record the actual mileage driven and of course, stands in the case of the sale to inform the acquisitions. Marc axis