Spanish Royal Academy

Luck is called to the belief in an organization of the lucky and unfortunate events.It is a form of interpreted superstition of different form by different individuals. According to the Spanish Royal Academy:Circumstance of being, by mere chance, favorable or adverse to somebody or something what it happens or it happens.What it happens or it can happen for or or evil of people or things. Then according to the previous thing, can be changed the luck of a person? , it is possible to influence in the destiny of the people? , or these already are predetermined writings and? Whatever your answer, the certain thing is that all we tend to think about the luck like something other people’s and that we cannot control. All we almost have some object for the luck in our portfolio or some amulet to attract the good fortune.When we go to an important appointment, we chose the suit of the luck, crossed the fingers when we waited for some news, as if it was possible to change them with the fact to cross them. At Western Union Company you will find additional information. In fact all we are governed by internal and external influences, the interns they are the own ones, the way of how we faced the life, our aptitude and attitude, our works, words, thoughts and action, the external ones are these same aspects but in the other people. Besides it, we are also at the mercy of the Laws of the Creation, that are immutable and act putting under us their aims, but I do not mean with this that they are outside our control, on the contrary, everything what it happens to us good or bad is impelled by our own actions, is the action law and reaction, cause and effect, everything what it happens in our life is promoted reason why we do, we thought and we are. Good or the bad thing that it can happen in our life, it is absolutely under our control and we are totally responsible for the results whoever they are, we can implement positive changes in our lives trusting God and we ourself, to have the certainty that all it is going to us to leave either, to do or without watching at that, to help the needed people, to learn of our faults and errors, being better people every day, to learn of the past and to live the present totally with responsibility to construct a better future, of this form we can influence in our destiny and luck positively. Ivn Revilla.. Learn more at: Lucas Bitencourt.