Honda Motor Company

His tenure at the University, only 2 years hard, because he was expelled from the University, the reason for his expulsion was due to that Soichiro, had only attended the courses that They concerned the manufacturing segments, avoiding taking all other classes. Honda tried in vain to explain their case to the director of the University, that he did not was going to look for a diploma, if not knowledge, which ofusco to the director. Honda return to their manufactures I fix the technical problem of the Pistons and his company began to emerge, until came the second world war and this slowed the progress of the company. 4th decision which made him rich: resume your company in the midst of the crisis: after the second world war, Japan was destroyed. However Honda, I was not discouraged and think the Honda Motor Company, in November 1948, his idea was to create and sell motorcycles. His first model was called Dream and not had good sales, far from discouraged, elaborate a new revolutionary, faster and silent model that was a success at the height of crisis, which allowed him to become a millionaire. One of his phrases: in each failure, by resonant as it is, is the germ of one greater benefit, which should not be folded by misfortune.

5th decision that the He became rich: understand the weakness of his personality: his intelligence made him understand that he was a good inventor, but a bad administrator, why got good managers, to manage your business. 6th decision that made him rich: diversify their products: in 1962, the Honda company, officially declare that it threw the world of automobiles fabrications, facing the United States, who called the market, achieving great results with the: Honda Civic. The spectacular success of Honda is especially instructive in the sense that illustrates not only the principle that can succeed from nothing, but above all that can be done in exterior, extremely precarious circumstances.