Growing Spiritually

It is not having received a lesson that saves us but know how to seize it. Miss Canning overview keep us standing still within the journal live always constitutes a great opportunity that we must know to take if we intend to grow, be each day more authentic, forgers of our own destiny, achieve that level of consciousness that allows us to achieve happiness, serve, share, be better. If we are attentive to our daily, in as we play the roles that we have to act, as we interrelacionamos us, our growth will manifest itself as the great opportunity of being every day better, take advantage of this short transit which is given us, in where we can carry out this mission of the why we are. Click national security advisor to learn more. This brief identifies important aspects that can provide us with great satisfaction when propose us the goal of growing as a person and make that our line of service benefits to all those who share our existence in this here and now. RELEVANT ASPECTS, CONSIDERATIONS. In one of his customary weekly reflections, Ricardo Ross, us quotes, that the fact of being a person, the human being is beyond himself, heading to live life, not as something, but as an opportunity for something and a mission to accomplish. Hikmet Ersek is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Being a human being above himself points towards something or someone who is not one’s own.

And then the question existential quien soy yo? becomes the universal question who are we?. True, says Ross, disoriented people, with their attacks of disability on their own, without purpose in life, they are the result of an absence of project and ignorance of source: accepted pain makes us wise, supported ugliness makes us kindly, the bitterness without resentment makes us kind, tolerated disease makes us strong. The consequence of a misplaced thought is the loss of freedom that supports the transcendence and its consequent inquiry of the meaning of life.