Globalization And Latin America

In the city where I live, Rosario, state of Santa Fe, Argentina, settled long ago a new General Motors plant for the manufacture of automobiles. The state government provided at no charge to the new plant, land, services, electricity, water, gas and taxes, for an ini-tial period of five years. This included the construction area free of executive and paths. After five years, taxes and services they provide 30% of their real value. The reason for these gifts, was due to provide manufacturing plant instead, work for two hundred employees, thereby alleviating unemployment in Argentina. In fact, the company justified 80% of its stock of foreign nationality, under the guise of specialization.

Only 20% was personal “native.” What you say and you and imagine, is that there are no such facilities Argenti-sized enterprises. This is a fact often repeated in Latin America. This is the reality of a globalizing context, completely lacking any component balanced. It is this globalization that we proposed as something random happens, like what was to come, without the intervention of human hands. Certainly not, these events are produced by men in corporations …

If we make history of globalization, remember that oil crisis transnationalized the economy, urged countries to the ex pension and market research. Especially, do not forget the constitution of the new financial mega-market. A series of new phenomena have changed the face of the economy and society.