Gestalt Psycotherapy

In many interpersonal relations mainly in those of pair hidden games exist that we carried out unconsciously and that guide our relation causing to us malaise and dissatisfaction, it knows more here. The Dog of above the dog of down: One of the relation models or as I call to him game is the one that in Gestalt Psycotherapy is called the dog of above the dog of down and one talks about to that within our interpersonal relations dominance and subordination exist and that they are been silent generally, tacit and unconscious sometimes more truly injurious. The dog of above is the member of the relation that dominates, the one that says how the things become, the one that squashes generally and agrede and the dog of down is the one that it is let even dominate and be above and he is trash can of the relation, that is to say in he-it deposits all the injurious one who the other or the other they have. Apparently this is very unjust, but it maintains because both parts have one or several gains in this dynamics; everything this the majority of the times is totally unconscious. An example to clarify: They exist even in that one of the members is the dog of down; traditionally she has been the woman, although that (luckyly) every day is less, in that dynamics the one that dominates has a very clear gain of being able manifest and the one that it is also dominated has a gain that is hidden and is generally the one to manipulate through the fault that is one of the powers stronger than somebody can have, then both must be able one manifesto and the other hidden and in this example hidden power is the major. The solution: The result of the neurotic games within the relations always are of dissatisfaction and malaise and guarantee failure is for that reason that there is to avoid them and yes or exist, the solution is brings back to consciousness, occurring account yes I am in a neurotic game in one of my relations or several of them and leaving this. How? Through the autoconciencia and of the emotional liberation since the expressed and solved feeling is not the glue that it takes to us to repeat them time and time again.

Technologies exist very effective to leave this; in my professional experience of more than 15 years I have combined two by far success: The Gestalt psycotherapy and the Kundalini Yoga. The success of these powerful alternatives consists of: Kundalini Yoga: The Autoconciencia obtains. It is a very subtle treatment for harmful feelings. It cleans the unconscious one to us of toxic thoughts. Gestalt psycotherapy: Account causes occurring.

It works of very direct and effective way in the emotional liberation.