Financial Services

Financial services are by which people control the money around the world. The finance include loans of money, shares of companies on a global, or transnational flow of capital and trade move. The Financial Services sector, relates to a commercial activity, a provider of brokerage services relating to the scope of value creation through money. From the point of taxation, are activities that are classified in the trade. Taxed in the 1st category, based on actual income. The activities include the financial services sector are mainly: 1.Banks and Financial Institutions: Banks International, Foreign, Performances. 2. Supply and procurement of insurance: general insurance cos, Life, of credit, Brokers. 3. Fund Managers: General, Pension, Mutual, for Housing, Investment. 4.Stock Market: Bags of Trade and Securities, Brokers. 5. Other Financial Services: Factoring, Leasing, Money Exchange. The Stock Exchange or trade is a long term investment of the 144 member countries of this, which you have the ease of purchase and sale negotiations.