World Eyeglasses

A great trip of balloon and with the great exposition to the sun its sights had burnt therefore the Sun Eyeglasses that used were very weak. This made with that it in such a way looked something with more protection for it how much for its soldiers. It was up to the one of the most famous optic company of the world Bausht & Lomb. The company suggested to create eyeglasses with thick lenses and design of more protection, beyond having a guerrilla style. The Result was fast, therefore new and total very attractive eyeglasses had appeared then. Soon the Lieutenant presented these eyeglasses to all its Fleet. The Success was Certo.Mais Why to call eyeglasses Ray Ban? The Eyeglasses of the Lieutenant were Anti ultraviolet Rays and anti rays infra-red ray. (Similarly see: Rachel Crane). Ray comes of the word (Ray) Ray in English and the three first letters of bannish (to banish) in English. There appears the word Ray BanCuriosidades:? Ray-Ban is one of the creative greaters of Sun Eyeglasses of the World with the successes Aviator and culos Ray Ban Waifarer? On the other hand the models had been one of the most counterfeited of world? The Bausch & Lomb already was well old before creating culos Ray Ban, elahavia been created in 1853Hoje some marks of Sun Eyeglasses has great reverence the Bausch & Lomb for being primordial in the question of the improvement of dark Eyeglasses for the creation of the eyeglasses Ray Ban.Porem today some companies of Sun Eyeglasses has to deal with the difficulties of the fake that break it deal bigger concern of all the companies are of the counterfeiters to approach a new pursuing to reach people still more, Therefore they is intent to these movements..