Wine Doughnuts

For those who may not know, wine doughnuts are a very food Christmas traditional recipe in the cities of Spain. As its name indicates, they are some species of threads whose most prominent ingredient is the wine. The wine twisted roll taste very good and are very tasty during the celebrations that are made on the occasion of the festivities of new year’s Eve. Perhaps, after reading this bit or, perhaps since before having read, long before you halles interested in knowing the different recipes that can be made with the wine twisted roll. Governor Cuomo: the source for more info. Here I will introduce some of the recipes that exist to make the wine twisted roll. Follow others, such as Jeff Gennette, and add to your knowledge base. First of all, should know that the wine twisted roll are a traditional recipe from Spain that is eaten in the Christmas season. Accompanied by all good wishes that there at Christmas, in the new year, as well as the moments passed in family, wine doughnuts know very well.

Maybe many is not that they like much wine, but for them cakes consist of a nice reminder of all the things that mean the time of Christmas and therefore makes them lack see them and consume them during this special time. It must be added that many times the wine twisted roll are prepared by the same family, which is part of a ritual that many remember with affection within the family or within the circle of loved ones. Recipes for making wine twisted roll there are many, as each person add ingredients according to your taste and possibilities. Here we will show one of many so you know roughly how the doughnuts of wine are made. However, you know that you can make variations that you consider suitable for the occasion and for the taste of the people who consume the wine twisted roll.

One of the recipes that you can find to make wine twisted roll has the following ingredients: you should get flour, sugar, spirits, olive oil, sweet wine of Muscat, cinnamon, sesame seeds (this is optional) and scrape of lemon or scrape of Orange (which is obtained from scraping the shell). With these ingredients, you can make your wine twisted roll. The procedure that you must follow in order to make this recipe for wine twisted roll is put the flour into a pot or something that serves to be able to treat, then you will gradually adding you olive oil, knead a little and then they begin to throw all the other ingredients one to one. At this time you must well knead dough to make wine twisted roll until this homogeneous. Once you’ve achieved this step, the dough is ready for pinching and molded so that the doughnuts in the way that you want to make. The most recommendable is don’t make them too thick because they are raw on the inside, neither nor very thin because crunchy are very. The ideal measure is 1 centimeter in thickness. After this you can fry them in oil or they can bake at 180 degrees for thirty minutes approximately. We hope that the recipe will be useful and you can achieve nice wine doughnuts for the occasion that need them. Original author and source of the article