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Da the actual UDO media in a Schutzcartridge located, the risk of external damage is excluded. The UDO technology was designed specifically for archiving applications and is supported by many software and hardware manufacturers. The UDO technology for applications that must comply with the legislation for electronic documents is due with the longevity and authenticity of the data. UDO is worldwide with thousands of organizations in use such as many sectors of the industry, with banks, insurance companies, healthcare, at TV and radio stations, in retail, the police and Government. The life of the UDO-based on the ISO/ECMA standard media is more than 50 years. The storage specialist by PDO Europe provide not only media and drives, but understand itself as a full service provider for optical storage solutions.

The portfolio includes also the cleaning media and analysis, rescue the certified delete and destroy by Discs of all article * PDO provides most of its products at MKM (Mitsubishi Kagaku media) forth. About PDO Prime digital optical Europe GmbH: PDO Europe was formed in 2005 by the spin-off of the archive media range from the Hoechst/Philips companies. The team has many years of experience in the development and production of optical disks. PDO Europe operates as an OEM supplier for well-known brands and causes for this application as well as logistical tasks. The business focuses on data carriers, systems and accessories for long term archiving.