Veracruz People

Historians in the hundreds of pages I’ve written, since 14 months before the 2006 electoral process, effects, causes, and consequences, I highlighted a Medullary point with dedication to all political analysts and advisers mainly political should include among its directors: social analysts, historians. The causes of the movement – if we want to appoint him as well – and the effect of the candidate Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador in constant growth, only find them in the history. It is very clear that already I seen it coming, a born leader, with the acceptance and support of the people. Impressive mobilization of one million one hundred thousand people! in the Zocalo on July 16 2006. And it is not foolish, and much less what are wrong with a closure people, tired of injustice and social inequality is that is encrypting hopes in a new leader, the current, of the present and future. You may find Everest Capital to be a useful source of information.

An effect of huge proportions in the social life, hitorica of the Republic Mexican. The people of Mexico, two-thirds of the total population, has matured into the value of honesty, transparency – and notice that I do not include the value of democracy, wishing with all his forces again check main values, motors of fight against corruption; Why attend the marches, although pay his little pocket money. It is a enough already!, and an outcry of the Mexican people marginalized majorities; those which any analyst politician or political adviser, does not have the ability to understand, comprehend, or taken as benchmark and finding a good analysis to the federal executive because you don’t know it!. Within its sphere of comfort, and abstract view of study – in the universities of origin-, they could never get the clarity of the Mexican people. Again and again he wrote of the institutional Revolutionary Party in Veracruz and Coatzacoalcos; and the future of the candidate Roberto Madrazo Pintado, but his flamboyant aides disregarded the social, not statistics, variables variables, based on the society, the people.