Various Applications

Foams are mainly known for use at mattresses, but today is increasingly foam for other application areas searched. Additional information is available at henry yaschik. Whether for caravans and campers, for seat cushion and Bank requirements or custom furniture, you would no longer forgo a comfortable surface. See… a Configurator for such foam plates can be found now to measure, where visitors have the opportunity to configure the panels according to your wishes. In addition, the visitor has the choice between polyurethane foam, which is better known as polyurethane foam, foam and Visco foam, which is also known as “Tempur”. The polyurethane foam is known for its durability, elasticity and dimensional stability, while cold-foamed a good breathability has one next to its elasticity. The Visco-foam, however, better adapts itself to the body and is used so often in nursing and medicine sector.

The individual foams are available in different densities available from soft to very firm. Depending on the volumetric weight is higher, the quality of the mattress is the better. Foam panels with high density should be chosen for applications with high stress – like sleep cushions or pillows – to guarantee a long durability of the foam. The offered quantity discount offer for wholesalers is interesting, the foam panels for hotels or other accommodation search. Besides the Configurator for foam sheets configurators for mattresses and mattresses-mounts, as well as for slatted frames can be found on the website in addition.