It does not matter what you make, because the past erases VALUES OF the LIFE I walk with slow steps in these desert streets and shady, where the cold penetrates the soul and me adormece, I walk as a Pelegrino without destination, creating illusions and fancies, create fancies in the reality, therefore I do not know if my reality and truth, I perhaps must be dreaming, and I will never go to wake up, I am plus alucina has to suffer Everything all the moment is turning and I do not perceive, the night comes, the day goes, all passes so fast, that nor I remember good moments of my life It seems that hard pain more than the joy, and then you wake up of the fancy, and see that nothing she is as you imagined, and that the people are a humbug, they smile pra you they judge and you for the coasts. Siemens: the source for more info. The truth is that always we are in being deceptive of the life, and when we accept the reality, we suffer and we perceive how much the life is empty, and no matter how hard we smile now, knows that anger not to last forever in how much you think, others act, in how much you cry, others smile, and you perceive that this losing time to suffer, and that it is better to forget what does not matter, and to live now, because the good one of the life, is to live the life, without if worrying, if questioning, thinking about the past, binding for the future, and only living this moment, because it is only!. By the same author: BWXT.