Trigone Shows New Methods In IT Security Management

Document-based processes with-secure developed action plans and work orders for required action Hamburg, 09.12.2008 – the Hamburg-based consultancy Trigone offering with secure”on a tool-based IT security check for the middle class, which differs significantly from the usual procedures through its document-based processes. Based on the safety standards of the BSI-Grundschutz and ISO 27001 are developed for all measures of individual action plans and work orders. In addition, the responsibilities are stored in these documents. Thus, the management of safety obtained with secure”a concrete as well as very practical basis. Usual security concepts are limited according to the analysis, however, General descriptions of the measures and offer no useful instruments for the implementation. Classical approaches to the development of security structures fail often, that they are tailored to too little on the practical conditions of enterprises”, judge Trigone Managing Director Peter Bodino. In particular they give too little concrete action supporting the different employees within the Organization and include also no adequate methods to make the multi-faceted security conditions constantly transparent and indicate the possible need for action”, he describes the typical defects.

There are many theoretical explanations and descriptions of the measures, but little how-to with concrete solutions that would actually meet the requirements in the business reality. Assistance for the practice must be tailored to the acting people, then is also a significantly higher and wider acceptance in terms of security,”Bodino refers to other effects. Also, the use of tried and tested templates in conjunction with the tool-based methodology significantly decrease the expenses and project times. “A further difference to the conventional concepts is that using with secure” a Trackballs can be built up to the continuous representation of current security conditions. This is done through a dashboard with traffic light graphics that give to identify clearly whether all relevant areas in the set are or have individual measure fields problems. This is clear at a glance the possible need for action and surprising vulnerabilities of the past include”Bodino describes the benefits. Retromolar Trigone consulting is an integrative consulting and services company.

The range stretches from coaching advice and training to auditing and out-tasking. With many years of practice and experience, enterprises will help to optimize business processes and IT continuously and sustainably to make changes in the practice. Trigone helps to determine the location, to find the right course and to achieve the goals through optimal use of resources and tools.