Their modes of transmission are not that we know in the case of diseases linked to the vrulencia of bacterial microorganisms, but those others that, beyond a biological heritage, a predisposition, constitute, let’s say a cultural legacy structured, i.e. as a language and both cancer Therapeutics and its prophylaxis, start beyond the individual, within a societya group, a family. Each society, according to their habits and ways of life, gives rise to a few diseases or other and generates their ailments of risk, for example, very smoking or intakes which mortals lead to morbid obesity and their consequential diseases, sometimes. We can say, that in any of its forms, cancer is paradigmatically associated with death. Cancer is what kills, so is the feeling. As old definitions of cancer, found in the treaties of the 16th century, that cancer is everything wears out, corrode, corrupts or consumed slowly and secretly, either was said, that it is a tumor melancholic that eats parts of the body.

The oldest literal definition is an outgrowth, lump or bump, and the name of disease, karkin Greek and latin cancer, that means crab, was inspired according to Galen, by the resemblance between an external tumnor swollen veins and legs of a crab. Learn more about this with Oak Ridge National Laboratory. The psychosomatic concept, is in the history of medicine since its inception, and while she accepts it with greater or less luck in different eras and cultures, this caused etiopathogenic is the oldest. Galen argued melancholic women, were more likely to contract cancer than the blood temperament; coinciding with this opinion, I remember a psychological study with six thousand women with cancer, which had observed an increased incidence of the disease in early invasive form in patients with prolonged emotional instability. If it’s cancer, treat is a broader term that radiate, operate or inject. The organicist image of a destructive element that evolves in one way more or less indifferent, is built completely in our culture, and the best, must ask ourselves that things do not always have to be that way.

In addition, all conditions that throughout history have meant a sacred or damn disease, cancer is very likely that has an image further away from any relationship with the psyche and, however, it is difficult to find a word that mobilizes more affections and affections involving both. Death was always felt by man do accident, as an external fact that short life. A phenomenon that on some occasions it is inexplicable from the reason, and if we are not able to conceive the psychic factors, we leave the explanations to the will of God or the gods, depending how you look. Biologists, says Freud, must move everything they can. Us must also move forward. Someday we will meet.