New building of the ECB makes it possible the second quarter of this year showed a positive balance for the Frankfurt office market. With approximately 176,000 square meters the newly taken office space when compared to the preceding quarter tripled virtually, as myimmo.de reported the real estate portal. For more information see this site: Publishers Clearing House. Ursula Neisser, the head of research in Germany at DTZ, indicates that this development primarily on a single transaction go back, namely on the new of ECB premises. With an area of 104,000 square metres, this contributed to the positive result. It is therefore not appropriate to speak of a higher rental ready for Frankfurt real estate according to Neisser.

She also emphasizes that the surface result of the Office market in the banking metropolis is strongly bound to large land rentals. The result on only three more new accounts due to be like that. These ranged from 5,000 to 10,000 square metres and result in the sum of approximately 20,000 square meters of new rental. Within the last three months were approximately 42,000 Square meters of new office space reference-free. About 75 percent of which has already been rented.

Nevertheless increased the stood empty in the last quarter to 5,000 square meters. Currently are vacant total 1.65 million square meters recorded. This results in a rate of 14 percent. Still, Frankfurt has the highest prime rent in Germany. Neisser does not rule out however a slight decline until the end of the year. Viable Prime rents then as before would be at 34 EUR per square meter per month.