Transpersonal Psychology

The virtue disappears as soon as it is desired that it appears. Proverb The smaller doubt does not fit, that the current of transpersonal psychology bequeaths a new vision of the being in its manifestation, behavior to us, in its passage by this dimension. It provides a vision to us very different from which other currents of psychology have contributed. Their foundations, reach, repercussions they are interesting and we considered that they do not have to be neglected, of here, the importance of to set out some significant aspects that they invite to be reflected, especially, when the interest exists to enter for our personal growth and harmonic interrelations to us with our surroundings and its actors where we develop. That it is the transpersonal? He is possible to indicate that the transpersonal term has been introduced in psychology to indicate what with normally it designates itself like spiritual The transpersonal is a experience, a state and a movement.

The transpersonal experience is the possibility of living altered states on brings back to consciousness. When changing his identification, the desindividualiza subject and is identified momentarily with other realities of I I commit. The transpersonal state transfers to us from our ego to unite us in the absolute one without name, atman/brahaman, the state of Budeidad, the cosmic conscience or as it is wanted to him to denominate. The transpersonal movement works on the scientific study of the nonordinary states of brings back to consciousness, continuous with the discovery on the part of the psychology of the religions and the compared mystical study. Their origins are in the psychologists influenced by East (Jung, Assagioli, Desoille, Maslow, among others. ). This study has received the confirmation of many scientists, whom they affirm to find in his works the presence of Bring back to consciousness-Energy.