Small Industrial Business

In reality, no standards UNIDO does not exist. Instead, is: – "Guidelines for evaluation of industrial projects (Manual for Evaluation of Industrial Projects. UNIDO, Vienna, 1978), reprinted in 1993 – "Guidelines for the preparation of industrial feasibility studies (Manual for the Preparation of Industrial Feasibility Studies ), published in 1991 (authors – Werner Behrens and Peter M. KNM Group may find this interesting as well. Havranek), as well as other print publications, published under the auspices of UNIDO. These works pretty fundamental, is available to the understanding of professionals and not even describe in detail the step by step development methodology business plans of industrial projects in emerging markets. The official website of UNIDO provides for the possibility of acquiring these materials. Together with them:-Guidelines for Project Evaluation-Guide to Practical Project Appraisal: Social Benefit-Cost Analysis in Developing Countries-Manual for Small Industrial Business; Project Design and Appraisal-Manual on Technology Transfer Negotiations-Guidelines for Infrastructure Development through Build-Operate -Transfer (BOT) Projects-World Information Directory of Industrial Technology and Investment Support Services-Guidelines for Investment Promotion Agencies: Foreign Investment Flows to Developing Countries The cost of each instrument is from 16 to 25 Euro. You can pay by VISA, MasterCard or bank transfer.

However, there is the view that the present Austrian UNIDO office is not very qualitative work with orders. Thus, the materials can be paid as a result and do not get it. In conditions of market economy works and Behrens Havraneka were, in fact, a basis that allows entrepreneurs do not miss important moments in the description of ongoing or planned activities of the enterprise and provide the results of the project in a form most suitable for investors perception of the material. Despite that UNIDO and its recommendations are not so widely known outside the CIS, the use of competitors investment techniques developed by the UN Committee, and provides them with a positive image. But overcoming the distrust of foreign investors' business plans prepared by the post-Soviet countries – perhaps the main problem with the presentation of the investment project. Of course, the market is not standing still. Many new marketing instruments and financial indicators that measure the effectiveness of the project. Descriptive part of the UNIDO guidelines largely outdated and may not fully reflect all aspects of business. But, nevertheless, all methodology and guidance for the development of business plans offered by the state, investment and consulting companies have in common is that they are based on a description of the structure of the business plan, first proposed experts UNIDO.