SAC Bottle

Self treatment with eye drops, eye ointment or eye gel you pulling the lower eyelid slightly downwards of the eye with a finger of one hand, looks up, holding the bottle in the other hand over the lower eyelid pulled down and squeezing the bottle until a drop in the conjunctival SAC or on the white of the eye. The best is in the mirror. It’s even easier if someone else can, giving the drops from the bottle in the conjunctival SAC of the eye. The top of the drop bottle should not touch the eye or the lid. Again for reasons of hygiene.

On the other hand, it can be very painful and also cause injury if one touches the pupil or the iris of the eye. The application in principle is just as ointments and gels. Here, it is sometimes useful to make the tube previously lukewarm because the ointment is otherwise not soft enough and the entered ointments strand right back out slips from the conjunctival SAC. To note is also the expiration date of the medicines or the time since the beginning of the package. Often, the shelf life is only 4-6 after opening weeks.

The beginning date can not be forgotten, it is advisable to make a note of it on the packaging of the drugs. After the durability medicines should not be used. You should then also no longer stored in the medicine cabinet, where otherwise a jumble of tubes broken on and bottles, packaging, partly without packaging, mixed with various leaflets, would develop in the course of time. In an emergency the need is not very fast to find then. Old drugs should be disposed immediately after expiry of shelf life that is, at the pharmacy or at the collection established by the city cleaning. It may not happen, that another family member opened eye ointment further used as half a year ago, because it had the same complaints now. Medicines should keep always in locked medicine cabinets, they can not reach children. Bordering the eye which the self treatment Can what I take drops? A frequently asked question which you so obviously can’t answer. An ophthalmologist should be visited at all unusual pain, redness or appearance degradation. Here, the harmless finding can then be separated from the dangerous. The self-therapy is quite possible in relapse of known diseases, previously a clear diagnosis must be made but. Sure, one can repeat the once talked about therapy for well-known problems with dry eyes since such drops are also freely available. Dangerous it is nothing can do but, if you take simple vasoconstrictor eyedrops unknown origin for permanent redness, dampen the redness, but to the cause. So, sometimes serious eye diseases are veiled and abducted up to major damage. Then also no eye drops help.