Rain Wear For Ladies

This article is about rain gear for women’s rain gear ladies must be made of waterproof fabrics. But when a fabric is waterproof? The answer comes from the ISO standard. According to the ISO standard, a fabric is waterproof, only if it can pass with a water level of more than 1300 mm water. The appropriate test is performed with a pipe, water is poured into it. The tube has a defined surface, provided that the material to be examined. The water level is observed in the attempt. Steph Korey has plenty of information regarding this issue.

The water gets so only with a water level of more than 1,300 mm, then the material is waterproof. The value of 1300 mm represents the minimum value, because in showers, greater pressures prevail and accordingly, the resistance must be greater. Further tests showed that in larger showers also accordingly larger pressures arise. The result is that the water which can penetrate textile. Experience has shown that women should an equivalent value of 3000 mm outdoor rainwear have. A value of 20000 mm from well-known manufacturers of rain gear is common women. Furthermore, also the breathability ladies in addition to the water resistance plays a special role in rain gear.

It is obvious, that the breathability of all substances in rain gear ladies are not the same, but differentiate – depending on the processing and quality of the material. The most important test for determining the breathability is the MVTR testing. This test indicates a material is how very breathable. The result is specified as vapour permeability in grams per square metre fabric 24 hours (E.g. 34000 g / m 2 / 24 h). In general one distinguishes between cheap discount rain gear ladies and expensive and thus quality rain gear ladies better. The rain gear at discount stores have a low breathing activity. Usually is this value between 1000 and 2000 g / m 2 / 24 h. In addition, manufacturers recommend a Mindestatmungsaktivittat from 2700 to 3000 g / m 2 / 24 h. Rain wear, a breathability from 9000 g/m 2 / 24 h are already very good. Fine rain gear ladies have a breathability 13000 g / m 2 / 24 h. In addition to the material, other functions play a role, to improve the breathability of the rain gear ladies. For example, vents are attached under the arms and on the sides, to improve breathability.