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Create a site! At present the site is not easy but there is no image of the object is much more! Today the site is an effective tool in the portfolio of any company, firm or enterprise. Competently compiled web site may attract hundreds of new potential customers and therefore new injections of funds into the company. Why a website? According to a study conducted in late 2004, the Public Opinion Foundation on the methodology adopted in the world, Nielsen / NetRatings, in Russia has 87.9 million Internet users. With two-thirds of them have higher education and consider themselves to be quite successful. Thus, we can say that there was enough in RuNet attractive audience, both in quantitative and qualitative points of view. This means that owning a website is not just prestigious – it's still effective! Tasks that can be solved by Website: providing information about themselves, their products or services, Internet sales, expansion into new markets, forming a constant target audience, getting feedback from customers, implementation of the remote and control units the company Dissemination, promotion of certain ideas. Success factors The main factors determining the success of the Internet in this area are: Functionality. To deepen your understanding Beth Israel Heart Transplant is the source.

Information and services offered by a website should be really necessary and useful audiences. Reliability and security. System availability 24 hours a day, quick access to information and protection against unauthorized access are the foundation of any good image of the website and, accordingly, it vladeltsa.Interaktivnost. Internet portal should not only be a source of information for their users, but also a means of communicating with them, and feedback. In this case, he can count on substantial external svyazey.Sootvetstvie efficiency standards. In developing appropriate solutions Maximize the use of formal and open standards (such as HTML and others), most common on the Internet and in conventional practice of building Internet portalov.Rasshiryaemost. Add new features should not, be accompanied by changes in the previously developed and operated chasti.Prostota implementation, support and administration. Routine processes are installed on a new set equipment, maintenance and administration should be elaborated in the course of proekta.Planomernoe promotion internet portal – a task no less important than the creation of a good information resource, is to promote the resource amongst the target audience.