Presidential Palace

Rainy season is from April to October, but in these months precipitation, although they are abundant always occur to the half-day and have short duration. Lead undoubtedly the swimsuit or trusa. And then summer clothes, shirts and cotton trousers, short and long pullouvers. And do not forget besides shoes for a walk in the evenings a pair of sandals. CULTURE/museums Museum of city address: Plaza de Armas, La Habana schedule: 9.30-18.30 entry pays one of the major museums of the history and culture of the island.

It offers a rich exhibition of artistic testimonies from the colonial period until the early years of the Republic. Museo de la Revolucion address: Presidential Palace, street shelter, La Habana hours: 10-17; Saturday until the Habanas 18 entry pays everything you want to know about the myth of the revolution cubana is exposed in this place, in the former presidential housed as last tenant, the dictator Batista until 1959. Documents, records and movies about the revolutionary epic. National Museum of beautiful Arts address: Calle Trocadero, Havana time: 10-17; closed Tuesdays and Wednesdays entry is pay the exhibition is divided into several sections. The art gallery, with paintings of Spanish, English and Danish teachers, including Velasquez, Murillo, Goya and Turner; the collection of ancient art Egyptian, greca and Roman, considered the most important in Latin America, the gallery dedicated to the Cuban painting of the 17TH century to the present day, the collection of ceramics, and space for contemporary exhibitions.

Museum address Hemingway: San Francisco de Paula, San Miguel de el Padron, 12 km away from La Habana schedule: 9-16; Sundays 9-12.30 entry pays dedicated to all lovers of the American writer, who lived in this building from 1939 to 1961. It was here where Hemingway wrote for whom sound campaigns and the old man and the sea.