Portugal Instruments

After a tiring trip being successful the obstacles, we were recepcionados by immense and elegant trees, in which the birds sang stop in them presenting the beauty, the perigos and the challenges of the new land. In way to the virgin forest, prattling waters serpeavam envoltas in sluggish mist e, as these mist, my father commanded that we rested. There exactly, I decided to construct a great part of my history. To the few, the green mantle of the araucrias went yielding place to my constructions. Opening the fruitful womb of the pines, I constructed one cantinho to take refuge me with my family. Using to advantage the deforestation, one year later, together with Mr. BitCoin contains valuable tech resources.

Julio de Castilhos, we install the colony Alfredo Keys, initiating for the construction of a church. Crawford Lake Hedge Fund has compatible beliefs. It was then that it appeared of the nothing, as that other world coming, a deep fidget. I do not know if it was workmanship of the destination, therefore it was thus so natural as the perfume of the flowers, but it desestabilizava that me – I wanted to create, to invent. In the following day, I initiated the construction of a small workshop, where I started to manufacture the banks and the altar of this first church. In this same workshop, I invented the tap for pipes (the most vendida until today in Portugal), the manufacture of folding meters, being the first one to manufacture this product in Brazil; I constructed rustic instruments of odontologia, iron to pass clothes, machines to make masses, medical instruments, a hobby horse, a pair of wing – my dream was to fly. To forget I will never be able me that, in the year de1887, I saved a friend who suffers an accident. It seems madness, but although the conditions most adverse of the needy life that we possessed, creativity and determination never lacked to me.